In 2017, Life In Abundance came to a church in a poor refugee settlement in Uganda. The need was overwhelming. Defeating poverty and restoring dignity felt like a daunting goal, but the team had decided to focus on one family at a time, knowing change can start small and multiply.

Meeting Pastor Saviour

Back then, the first person we met was Saviour who says his life took a positive turn through the trainings and support of LIA. He was even encouraged to go to theological school. Today, he and his family have a strong bond with the Lord and Saviour is a pastor. He is working to share hope with those in his church and community.

Passing on the abundance he has received, the pastor has impacted others’ lives the way he was once impacted. One family that has seen change recently through Saviour and his church is Grace’s family.

An Invitation for Grace

Grace is 45 years old and lives in Robidire village with her husband, Charles, their 5 children, and 2 others in their care. The couple are farmers with rudimentary cultivation tools. Grace says that life has been hard. “Sometimes we would even eat once in a day, sleep hungry, and my children were often sent home from school due to lack of school fees. I didn’t know what to do about this situation.”

Then Saviour invited Grace and her neighbor to join a savings group that was introduced by LIA-Uganda. At first, Grace says she was skeptical. “Many organizations before came and stole the little money that our family had.” But this was different.

Continued Impact

“LIA encouraged us and taught us financial literacy.” Through Saviour’s invitation, Grace’s family now has money for school fees and has planted groundnuts that they pray will yield a good harvest.

Grace says, “I am now an active member of a savings group called Divine Mercy. I save with a purpose to enhance my financial liberation from extreme poverty that had haunted me for years. I trust God I will never be poor again.”

Saviour continues to invite people in his community to experience this kind of change. He says, “I pray that LIA grows to greater heights so that we can impact even more lives.”