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At Life In Abundance, it has been our mission for the past 25 years to empower local churches to serve the poor and vulnerable in Africa and the Caribbean, because we want to share the hope of life that comes with following Jesus. Will you join us in spreading this hope?

Church Partners

We’ve been able to have some of our people see what wholistic ministry is and how they can play a role in that. I think the model of prayer LIA demonstrates has had a big impact on our church people and staff. We believe in the character of LIA’s leadership. We believe in the wholistic ministry that they do. We love the reciprocal relationship we have with them.

Matt McGuire, CU Church, IL, USA

There is often an overwhelming feeling when one looks around at the great need in the world. Partnering with LIA is a hopeful reminder of the redemptive work going on in numerous communities across the globe. Because of our partnership with LIA, we get to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Crissa Letson, Asbury Church, AL, USA

It's been a delight partnering with LIA in our BeFriend project. Their staff is awesome and LIAs ministry philosophies are making positive changes to our own ministry methods. We're excited to connect more churches in this exciting venture!

Ben Simms, President & CEO of Lifeline Christian Mission


Each year, we offer opportunities to take short-term church teams or vision trips to experience Life In Abundance’s work on the ground in Africa and the Caribbean. We know trips are the best way to engage with our transformational model, while also leaving team members transformed. If interested, get in touch with us for more information.

Global Missions Conference- Africa

We host an annual global missions conference in Nairobi, Kenya to equip leaders in their fields of expertise to pursue wholistic impact for the kingdom of God.

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