A message from founder and president, Dr. Florence Muindi
and CEO, Dr. Hesbone Kang'e

"The Lord is so faithful! What he has entrusted to us, we have continued to steward in confident faith and we have seen that faith becoming substance. We are just celebrating the goodness of the Lord in 2022.”

Our 2022 Impact

orphans and vulnerable children and their guardians were wholistically served.

“I’ve found myself and am becoming who I want to be.’’

Amarech in Ethiopia, who has gained renewed hope as a mother and neighbor through LIA’s OVC program

people were economically empowered through training and church-based savings and loan programs.

“Before, I misused money I got. Now, through efforts in saving, I have my own driving license and motorcycle. I thank God who allowed me to join this group and LIA for provision of trainings and related information.”

James who is part of a savings group in Rwanda

new people heard the gospel.
new people met Christ.
new people were discipled.

“We are serving the kingdom of God until Jesus comes back.”

– A Muslim Background Believer we work with in Somaliland 

children and adults have been supported through educational programs.

“I am happy to go to school every day… because of the support I get from LIA.”

Khamis, a 20 year-old in Egypt who passed her exams in 2022 to get into high school

people received health care services, hygiene education and resources, family planning, HIV/AIDS testing, and counseling.

“Water has the power to make dreams a reality. Thanks LIA for supporting us with water filters and training us on how to use them. I have taken on the responsibility to empower more community members on the usage and importance.”

Kanakulya in Uganda, who is helping us cut down on communicable diseases caused by dirty water

Local Resource Mobilization

“Sometimes the needs outweigh the resources, but God always comes through and as a result I have been able to help and assist people as they have various needs.”

– Pastor Elliott in Jamaica

A few years ago, when we reflected on the state of our organization, we realized we were deeply dependent on the Global North for our financial needs. Yet, as an African-founded, African-led organization, we strongly believe in the power of the Global South and the abundance God has already given to people around the globe.

We started dreaming of what it would look like to strengthen resource mobilization within our program countries. Today, we are aiming for 40 percent of our work to be funded and resourced through our 14 program countries and we have seen generosity grow in the communities we walk alongside.

This year, over 1,200 people have gone through our Seeds of Generosity training where they’ve been inspired by all the ways the Lord is generous and challenged by how the Bible calls us to give sacrificially. Over $335,459 has been given in cash or other resources.

Aligned Giving

We are always open to new and innovative ways the Lord wants to provide as we walk in friendship and partnership. This year began the start of an “Aligned Giving Strategy” where 5 of our foundations, having walked a long journey of trust with us, banned together to review a joint-proposal and committed to a collective 3-year gift toward our strategic plan. This is new terrain that has fostered a fresh sense of unity that is energizing. We are so grateful for these partnerships and all those who are serving with us in Spirit-led ways.

Governance & Senior Leadership

We are so thankful for the LIA International Board. At current, there are 13 members representing 8 nations who strengthen us at every level organizationally. 2022 was our first full year of Dr. Florence Muindi serving the desk of Founder & President and Dr. Hesbone Kang’e serving as our new CEO. We’ve gratefully experienced the Lord’s favor in such a critical transition time.

2022 marked our first year of a new standardized, measure-based direction and 5-year strategic plan. Our goal between 2022 and 2026 is to empower 800 local churches to restore dignity and help transform the lives of 1.5 million people in poor and vulnerable communities in Africa and the Caribbean.

Dr. Yared Mekonen, LIA’s Senior Director of Program says, “We started 2022 with great expectation and renewed commitment under the main theme ‘soaring higher.’ We give all the glory to God for exceeding almost all program targets aligned with the strategic plan.”

As we head into 2023, Mekonen says, “We will be more focused and intentional to expand and deepen the wholistic impact through innovative local resource mobilization engagement, establishing model country programs, improving measures, and enhancing church to church empowerment. We earnestly pray and remain true to advocate for the poor and vulnerable and mobilize partners in wholistic mission to maximize national and global impact.”

Thank you for your partnership in 2022 and beyond!

Thank You!

Your partnership helps make all of this possible.