Where We Serve

Serving 14 Countries

Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed the miraculous and continue to see the kingdom of God here on earth. We walk with more than 230 churches and 30 communities in 14 countries throughout Africa and the Caribbean. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.



DR Congo

We started working in the Eastern DRC Minembwe with the training of trainers for 10 local churches 30 CHEs. Three of the local churches are actively implementing their seed projects. We recently partnered with a Christian University in the area to assist the local women group of over 200 members to establish a Grain Mill project. The women group contributed money for the installation, the churches oversight and coordination role and LIA contributed with the purchase of the Grain mill and provided training on managing the project, for the required service of grain mill close to the community, and managing it as an income generating project for sustainability.


Two church representatives from Uganda attended the GMHC Africa in 2015 in Nairobi. That relationship is still open for future partnership working in the Kampala area and Uganda in general. From February 2017 we have been undertaking assessments and development of funding and program proposals to work with local churches represented by Bishop Elijah among the South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda.


A team of medical students from Bujumbura attended the GMHC Africa conference in Nairobi in September of 2015. Thereafter the team ( under the name “ Jars of Love”  invited Dr. Florence to their meeting in Bujumbura to help them draw their mission, vision, and strategic plan. In the same meeting, they requested LIA for TOT. LIA with funding support from SECC conducted the TOT in Bujumbura in October 2016 (Dr. Yared and Obaidas trained). Nineteen members completed the TOT and drew their plan of action for seed projects. Most of them were senior class medical students at the time and most of them have now graduated and are working in the districts with the seed projects implemented on the side. Obadias our Lakes Region Coordinator is working with them now to organize a health training in partnership with TTT involving the 19 who have done the TOT last year and another 30 new medical students/ practitioners.

South Sudan

Our work began in 2008 after opening a clinic in Rumbek, yet it wasn’t until 2011 that a country office was established. We also partner with 4 churches in the South Sudanese capital of Juba—although due to the recent conflict many of our projects have had to be scaled back.


LIA Jamaica has been a part of our work since February 28, 2013. Our aim is to build the ministry capacity of local churches in Wholistic Transformation Development through training; offer retreat and conference services through LIA Jamaica Centre – Bethel, and initiate income generating projects for sustainability of LIA Jamaica programs, operations, and the LIA Centre.


LIA Haiti has undergone and experienced great cross-cultural and conceptual development since its inception and ground-breaking pioneering work in 2012. There has been a great understanding of the cultural and spiritual dynamics over time. Partners and friends of the ministry work have continued to emerge. The church community has enthusiastically received the Wholistic Transformation Development CHE model. Primary Health Care (PHC) projects began in February 2014. We continue to thank God for grace, and we trust him for the success of OVC, ECD and church engagement programs.

Kenya Map

We opened the doors to the Kenya office in 2004 and are currently working in partnership with 41 churches across the country both in urban and rural contexts.

Our activities in Kenya have been diverse over the years. We have worked with the local church in response to food shortage and famine in Eastern Kenya, medical camps in Western Kenya, in the city of Kisumu in response to the post-election violence that took place after the 2007 presidential elections, as well as several Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and economic development, skills training, and leadership training for our church partners.


Ethiopia is where our story began. As a missionary, our founder Dr. Florence Muindi moved to Ethiopia in 1998 with her family to minister to the poor. She was in medical school when she first realized that she was called to Ethiopia. While watching the evening report on the 1983 – 1985 famine that devastated Ethiopia—resulting in more than 400,000 deaths—she knew if she was called to anything, it was to serve the poor and the first step was Ethiopia.

By 2000 LIA Ethiopia was registered with a board of directors and in 2002 LIA Ethiopia was engaged in community projects around the country.

Community Impact

The Call to Live as One

The Lord has called his followers to walk with one another in humility and love. Without this unity in the Body of Christ, we are unable to experience the fullness of Christ promised to us in the scripture. We seek to reflect this unity as represented in scripture by walking alongside the communities we serve,  advocating for them and cultivating ownership for their transformation.

Linking In Aid

We are registered in 6 countries as Linking In Aid—a development arm of Life In Abundance. Within these countries, we respect and honor the cultural laws that are in place and continue to work alongside the local leaders and communities to implement sustainable development.