Photo Details: Sudanese disembark after traversing the Nile River on a ferry after crossing the border from Sudan, Abu Simbel, Egypt, May 20, 2023. (EPA Photo)


Life has not been the same in Sudan since April 2023. Sudanese armed forces and the rapid support forces are causing mass destruction as they continue to fight.

The conflict has escalated and expanded into new states, resulting in more and more displacements and refugees fleeing the country. By January 2024, 24 million people were desperately in need of food, 6 million were internally displaced, 1.5 million became refugees, and 13,000 individuals lost their lives.

Despite the staggering numbers, grasping the full extent of the devastation in Sudan can be challenging. However, listening to one woman’s personal experience allows for a better understanding of this tragedy and offers a guide by which one can pray for the nation.

Lydia, a mother of five, lived in Sudan before the crisis. When the war broke out, citizens frantically scattered. Lydia lost contact with her husband and ran with her children in the direction of Egypt. During their journey, she had an accident while crossing the border, and her leg was severely wounded. She had no access to healthcare and needed to keep walking to make it to Cairo. She spent many days without cleaning the wound, and it became infected. 

After a grueling journey, Lydia and her children made it to Cairo safely but, unfortunately, couldn’t find a place to stay. They had only the clothes on their backs and little access to food, but God in his perfect timing, provided. Through a friend, they became in contact with LIA-Egypt, and at the LIA center, they were offered hope. All of their immediate needs were met including, medical care, education, food packages, mattresses, and more. 

Lydia praised God for what he has done in her life: “May the Lord bless the Life In Abundance ministry for their support that came in the very time I needed it.”

The Sudanese crisis is often overlooked due to other significant conflicts occurring around the world. May Lydia be a reminder to pray for the millions of individuals with untold experiences who face the effects of the Sudanese war.