Last April, amidst the war in Sudan, four young individuals – Nour, David, Mohammed, and an unnamed friend – made the difficult decision to flee to Egypt. Their stories represent millions of people who have faced the same journey to safety. 

Initially shattered by the conflict, Nour felt abandoned by God as his family and dreams were obliterated. His family perished in the war, dreams of academic success were shattered, and the only option seemed to be to escape to Egypt. The boys’ remaining family, rooted in their homeland, refused to leave despite the dangers. Undeterred, the four friends set off alone, carrying only essential belongings for the journey. However, tragedy struck as their funds were stolen, leaving them vulnerable and without the means to buy food.

The unnamed fourth friend, unable to endure the harsh realities of their journey, tragically passed away. They gave him a proper burial, marking his resting place with a sign to one day return. Their arrival in Cairo brought little relief, with high costs for food and accommodation. The friends sought out employment, which proved to be a challenge. Despite their dire circumstances, God made a way. 

The boys once again had hope as they met a generous Egyptian woman, a Life In Abundance team member. She showered them with the love of Christ— she paid for their rent, furnished their living space with essentials, and connected them with job opportunities through the help of the local church.

The impact of her gestures was profound. They now have the necessary tools to provide for themselves and contact their families in Sudan. David’s family joined them in Egypt and brought Nour’s university papers with them which paved the way for him to continue his studies at Cairo university. The Egyptian woman, truly represented Christ to these young men as she was a symbol of hope and kindness in their darkest hours.