At Life In Abundance, we fully believe that everyone has something to offer. When people around the globe come together to generously care for each other, sharing in abundance, needs are met and problems are solved. That’s why we recently launched our Seeds of Generosity training in Africa and the Caribbean to encourage Christians in the Global South to stay open-handed with what God has given them.

The training is a one-day event or an eight-week study walking through 8 principle themes including: Christ’s mission, the model leaders are to set, and giving out of our means. Over 8,000 people from 8 LIA countries and more than 160 churches we partner with have already completed this program and have been mobilized to use their local resources to support each other and those around them.

One church that has seen a tangible difference because of Seeds of Generosity is Church of God in Adjumani, Uganda. Through the training, the congregation was reminded that they are stewards of good gifts that God has given them; that giving is not for a specific group of people, but for everyone; and that when you offer your time, skills, love, money, and other things you have to the Lord, he is able to use and multiply those gifts.

Since the training, the church’s monthly tithes have increased to an average of over 10 times the amount they used to receive as members have generous attitudes and are committed to give regularly. They’ve also had eyes to see the needs around them and are coming up with creative solutions based on what they already have. One church member would always come to Sunday service dressed in the same clothing. Another member noticed and brought two pairs of his own trousers for the man to wear. A Sudanese refugee in the community, with five orphans to look after, was given clothing and food items from some of the church members. Many others have joined together to get new equipment and uniforms for their choir. The church was recently even able to produce a new worship song and video because of the generosity of its people.

As the curriculum teaches, “generosity is ministry.” We are seeing God work in powerful ways as Christians cultivate the seeds of generosity in their lives. Pray with us that the Lord would continue to produce good fruit through our trainings and that many people around the world would share in abundance through the work of LIA.