Global Missions Conference-Africa exists to serve as a platform for shared learning, networking, and inspiration for pursuing wholistic impact in missions through the experience and expertise of Christian professionals.

Whether you are a social worker, pastor, doctor, or simply someone who has a heart for the nations, GMC-Africa is a place for you to hear from seasoned missional practitioners on topics such as the wholistic mission of the church through education, economic empowerment, and health and wellness. Join us for this full three-day event to learn, network, and to be inspired with us. Together, we can advance the kingdom of God and pursue wholistic impact for his glory.

About the Conference

Global Missions Conference-Africa will help you understand how we are yoked together for wholistic impact! You will find a platform to share your missions experiences and learn from others, understand sustainable transformational development as a key strategy to fulfill the Great Commission, network with like-minded Christians, and be inspired and encouraged as you pursue wholistic impact wherever God has positioned you or is calling you, in Africa and beyond.


Understand the Church in Africa’s transition from mission field to mission force, the need for “New Wineskins” to contain the “New Wine” God is making, and the role God has for you in it.


Learn how to leverage your skills and talents in your area of expertise to make a  wholistic impact in the kingdom of God.


Network with other Christian professionals and step into the GMC-Africa community as we pursue Kingdom work together.


Inspire sustainable, wholistic transformation in your area of expertise using the skills and connections you develop.

Global Institute

Our Global Institute is a unique space, rather than place, for mutual learning and the exchange of ideas to address the new realities of missions in the 21st century. It will fulfill its purpose and calling through various platforms and vehicles. LIA’s training centers will play an important role, but so will virtual conferences, occasional webinars, and the growing annual Global Missions Conference. The Institute may also host events in the US, UK, or Europe by a partner.

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Global Missions Conference-Africa initially began under the name Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC) in Louisville, Kentucky, by Southeast Christian Church. GMHC was birthed out of the desire to equip, connect, and inspire a generation for medical missions. Over the past 20 years, it has been an annual meeting point for over 3,000 Christian missionaries and medical practitioners from around the world.

Life In Abundance International (LIA), in partnership with Southeast and the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Kenya, felt GMHC needed to be replicated in Africa. The first of its kind, the inaugural GMHC-Africa conference was held in 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya to meet an immense need for shared learning and connection for those working tirelessly to affect global health and missions across the continent.

Today, GMC has shifted to wholistically equip Christian professionals, missionaries, students, and church leaders to inspire transformation in their areas of expertise worldwide.