Here at LIA, we say we’re rich in abundance and that Christ’s promise for our lives can change everything. As we work in communities across Africa and the Caribbean, we know the struggle of scarcity and the great needs that exist around the world. Yet we’ve also seen the hope that comes when people look for the abundance that God provides.

We asked LIA staff members what abundance looks like. Here’s what they said:

An abundance mindset believes and sees God as the provider of everything we need.

Abundance gives a new perspective that helps me to accomplish purpose in different areas of my life.

An abundance mindset understands seasons and appreciates them, while looking for opportunities to grow.

Though abundance may sound like a word that informs only about quantity, it has something to do with quality. I believe the first Christians were called so because they were displaying a certain quality of life. A life that sends a message that everything is under control, not our control, but in the control of the one who never loses control. This life invites us to be generous, to be kind, and to spread this treasure that gives value to our whole life.

Seeing my life through the lens of abundance gives me the confidence that God is good and loves me regardless of circumstance.

Peace of mind, relationally sound, economically promising, ministry oriented.

Abundance in my life is fullness of joy, of peace, and trust in God for every area.

The difference an abundance mindset makes is the transformation or metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

There is more than enough for everyone to have more than enough. We serve a great God!

Abundance makes a difference in that in the places where we could easily see lack, God meets us there full of kindness to make us whole.

Want to help us share abundance with people in need in Africa and the Caribbean? Check out our They’re Rich page to see how.