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We empower local churches to serve the poor and vulnerable, creating sustainable transformation in their communities.

Our Model

empowers the local church to sustainably meet the needs of the community.
Economic Empowerment

Earning capacity and savings are the basis for alleviating poverty. When someone can provide for their family, dignity and self-worth are renewed.

Social Engagement

Addressing social injustice is essential for change. We equip community leaders to promote justice and restoration in their communities.

Community Health

Health is the basis for life. Disease prevention and health education are necessary to holistically restore community health.


Education is the foundation for development. All development initiatives include community-wide seminars and targeted educational interventions.

Where We Serve

Since 1999, we’ve been serving all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. We walk with more than 230 churches in 14 countries throughout Africa and the Caribbean.

3 Steps to Sustainable Development


Engage Local

We enter a community with the Lord’s guidance and ask that He reveal “men and women of peace”. We gather the local pastors and community leaders to cast vision for their communities.

Engage Local Leadership


Invite Church

We empower the local church through our wholistic development model to address the spiritual, social, and material needs of the community.

Invite Church Partnership


Cultivate Community

After three years, we transition out of a community so that individuals from within the church and community take complete ownership of their transformation.

Since Our First Partnership


  • 1,299 churches in 75 communities have been trained and empowered to implement sustainable solutions to their most pressing problems.
  • Nearly 11,975 community health and resource workers have been trained.
  • 32,778 families have been economically empowered through micro-loans and income generating activities.
  • More than 35,960 people have been trained in educational support.
  • More than 53,955 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) have been supported and cared for through our OVC support.
  • Over 70,348 people have been trained in Evangelism and Discipleship.
  • More than 483,544 people have had community health care by LIA’s local church partners.

6 Communities Completely Transformed

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Transformation Stories

read testimonies from the communities we serve 


Serving at Home

In 2019, LIA had over 150 people from the US, Europe, and the UK go on short-term teams, internships, and site visit trips with us to Africa and the Caribbean. We love this, because we firmly believe that the church is beyond borders and cultures, that God is at work when his people from across […]

Miracles in the Midst of Crisis

Our Provider calls us to see abundance in the world’s great needs, our meager offering of what we already have, and some faith. This is the lesson the disciples learned in Luke 9, when Jesus told them to feed the thousands. When they looked at the lack (“we have no more than five loaves and […]

Looking Past Disability: Megbare’s Story

  On the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the disabled are often discriminated against and rejected by society, left to fend for themselves in harsh living conditions and disheartening situations.   This is where Mr. Megbare sat on the side of the road, attempting to gain attention from potential customers for his shoe repair business. […]

Serving God with Excellence

  Excellent Derilienne is a woman who lives up to her name. A loving mother of six and wife to a pastor in Jacmel, Haiti, she seeks to serve God with excellence, despite the challenges her family faces. According to Excellent, it’s difficult to be in ministry in her country, especially with a family. Many […]

Empowered to Serve: James’ Story

James is a pastor in Kisumu, Kenya. Being orphaned as a teenager, James dropped out of school and started down a bad path, believing like many, that he was dependent on others in order to make it in life. He says that even after receiving and being transformed by Christ, he didn’t recognize that he […]

Sewing Success

    Victoria is a joyful, hardworking mother of two who has always believed in the potential for a better future. However, making money to help care for her family in the country of Rwanda has often been a challenge. In the past, no matter how hard she worked, she couldn’t seem to make a […]

A Testament of Grace

Tsedeku is a strong, visionary woman. She’s a proud wife and mother of two. She is a devoted Christian and her family worships at Arat Kilo Emanuel Church, one of LIA’s partner churches. Tsedeku and her husband live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and have struggled for years to provide enough food, clothing, and school supplies […]

Faithful Steward

  We first met Itmana in Rwanda with his 5 children. Itmana was a bee keeper and made a good living selling the honey his bees made. Unexpectedly, all of his bees died of an unknown disease and he was left without a source of income. Itmana struggled to put food on the table for […]

Impact Multiplied: Transformation in Rwanda

Muhaweni and Emanuel are married and live in Rwanda. With four children, they’ve worked through many trials to try and put food on the table for the family. Meeting monthly rent on time was constant stress and neither Muhaweni nor her husband had a sustainable income that provided enough financial support for their family. Muhaweni […]

The Fruit of Sustainable Transformation

The Mathare slum in Kenya is one of the most impoverished areas in the nation. Work is difficult to find and many suffer from unstable jobs that don’t pay enough to support their families. Phillis is a Mathare local who now serves Gospel Discipleship Victory Church as a community health evangelist (CHE) coordinator, but she […]

Empowered for Change: Jackson’s Story

Jackson (42) is a husband and a father of 6 children in Narok, Kenya. For years Jackson was plagued by sickness to the point of being wheelchair bound, unable to support his family. Too sick to work or maintain a stable job, his only option to feed his family was to beg. His neighbors were […]

Transformation Update: Bati in Ethiopia

“My life today is incomparable to how I used to live a few years ago.” We first met Bati in 2007 when he was a homeless street kid. Bati had been homeless for more than 10 years battled daily to survive. Between running from the police and digging through trash for scraps to eat, the […]

A Transformed Community: Why We Equip Local Churches

Five hours drive from Nairobi, Kenya in a small town called Narok, Daniel rides his LIA motorbike around checking in on the various projects in the community. Daniel is a Community Health Evangelist (CHE) coordinator in his local community. The CHEs locals who’ve been trained by LIA to progress the programming and evangelistic efforts within […]

Fruitful Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are so central to how we function as an organization. We long the leverage the diverse gifts of individuals, organizations, and churches to best serve the Kingdom of God in unity. We’ve recently had the opportunity to partner with LifeLine Christian Mission to mobilize the congregation of a local US church. As a […]

Testimony of Transformation: Rwanda

  On the southern coast of Lake Kivu lies Cyangugu, a serene Rwandan community known for its lush landscape. A gentle breeze rustles over the land and carries the morning melodies of fishermen singing as they bring in the previous night’s catch. Twenty years ago, the city of Cyangugu looked drastically different than it does […]

Empowerment Multiplied

Birke is a young, single mother of her 8 year old son who was struggling to survive on her own in Ethiopia. Birke and her son lived together in a small single room that she rented, but she didn’t have enough income to support them each month. Without the job or resources she needed, Birke […]

Blue Wings Takes Flight

We’re excited to share an update of how the Lord has progressed our work with Blue Wings Limited. As our for-profit aviation company comes to life, God is kind to show us the fruit of our labors. Blue Wings is a treasured vision of LIA and we praise God for His kindness and faithfulness to […]

Empowering Samson: Ethiopia

In the Ethiopian town of Adama, 37 year-old Samson was at the end of the rope with his electronics store. Samson, highly skilled in electronic installation, wiring, and repair, and he’d tried time and time again to get his business off the ground with little success. He’d exhausted all of his efforts and still wasn’t […]

A Transformed Heart

An important aspect of our work within the countries we partner with includes short-term mission trips to our communities. Short term mission trips allow outside churches to partner with kingdom work on a global scale and are an opportunity for us to encourage, serve, and reconnect with our communities and community leaders. On a recent […]

Empowered for Change

    Semret is a young, married mother living in the town of Adama in Ethiopia. She and her husband are committed members of Gospel Light Church and her husband serves as the team worship leader. Dependent upon her husband’s income in full-time ministry, Semret’s family was unable to keep up with the increased cost […]

The Hands and Feet

Last year, we had the privilege of partnering with Rubona Presbyterian Parish in Rwanda. The community of believers wrestled with the fact that there was an evident divide between the pastors and the rest of the congregation. Although they wanted to transform their community, the pastors’ strategy was to serve the people of the community […]

A Place to Call Home

In September of 2017, a group of faithful partners, staff, and family members stood with us and worshiped the Lord as we dedicated the third and final building for our Training Center located in Nairobi, Kenya. The Accommodation Block, also known as Phase 3, was the final piece to further fulfill a word given to […]

In the Valley of Dry Bones

Cyangugu, Rwanda is home to a small baptist church in the town of Kamembe. For many years this church wrestled with a divided leadership team causing strife throughout the church. As the congregation dwindled and donations were sparse, the church leaders were faced with a decision: sell the church and its property or rebuild what […]

Soaring to New Heights

  (Example of a Cessna Grand Caravan Aircraft) In 2007 as we met together to establish a 7 year strategic plan for the growth and establishment of Life in Abundance, we formulated a profitable opportunity for our organization. It was decided then that LIA would host an aviation segment to serve vulnerable and remote communities while […]

International Establishment

We are eager to introduce the newest functioning branch of LIA in the United Kingdom! The Lord graciously laid the UK on our hearts as a potential partnership nation years ago and He has finally brought this vision to fruition. LIA-UK will exist to connect with churches, foundations, and individuals in the United Kingdom and […]

Cultivating God’s Gifts

Kanyuambora, Kenya was home to a collective group of local partner church pastors who had a dream for their communities. The ten pastors gathered regularly and set vision for empowering the community. They longed to enhance the economy of Kanyuambora, but had no idea where to start. The task was too large to take on […]

A Home of Redemption

In Silent Hill, Jamaica the rain had just begun to patter on the dilapidated roof and already the water was beginning to leak into the modest shelter. With no money to support the cost of a home for herself and her two children who still lived in the home, Claudette was left to live in […]

For the Glory of His Name – Transformation in Egypt

To preserve the anonymity of those involved, names of individuals and places in the following story have been changed or omitted. In a large Egyptian city in the northern region of the country, the oppressed evangelical community cried out in desperation. They wanted better education for their children and longed to engage the community at […]

A Clean Slate

In Ntulele, a small Kenyan community we have the privilege of partnering with, the people of the community were desperate for better health and basic sanitation. Due to a lack of pit latrines in the area and community homes, open defecation and waste were contaminating the community’s water source. This posed many serious health hazards […]

A Life of Purpose

Evening had already set over the slums of Kibera, Kenya when the sound of broken glass interrupted the still night. A brawl had broken out in the local bar and authorities were called to intervene. The subjects of the altercation were brought out from the bar and young Lorian was arrested for his involvement. Lorian […]

New Territory – Bujumbura, Burundi

Dr. Florence Muindi stood on the stage at GMHC-Africa’s 3rd annual conference in Nairobi, Kenya. There were people from all over the continent and the world. Dr. Muindi went down the list—calling out all the countries represented at GMHC-Africa. Then finally, she said, “We have a very special group of students who traveled overnight to […]

Ongoing Impact – Kibera, Kenya

Youth in the Sarang’ombe area of Kibera are subject to violence and idleness at a very young age. Many of them become involved with substance abuse, gender-based violence, theft, and armed robbery, and are used by local politicians to cause chaos within the communities. Impatient with community development and the hard work that comes with […]

A New Foundation

Amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable children and families that we encounter, we witness the devastating effects of physical and spiritual poverty. Here at LIA, we empower local churches in order to break this cycle of poverty and cultivate hope for members of the community. Sasai’s story is a testament to the redemptive power the […]

From Chains to Joy

Our hearts break at the sight of vulnerable and innocent children being corrupted by the actions of those caring for them. Six year-old Emmanuel showed us the painful impact of child abuse exposed in the impoverished Nyalenda community of Kenya, while also embodying the hope that the Lord has for all those He calls into […]

Hopeful Initiatives – Developing Education in Jamaica

We receive so much joy watching communities come together and create initiatives to serve their neighborhoods best. We were encouraged to watch as two different churches in Jamaica empowered by our model individually sought to create Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs in order to provide quality education for the children in their area. Here at […]

GMHC-Africa 2017

  This year is our 5th annual Global Missions Health Conference-Africa! GMHC-Africa is a ministry developed out of Life in Abundance in conjunction with Southeast Christian Church that seeks to cultivate hope and “wholistic” change for the most vulnerable in Africa. The upcoming conference in Nairobi, Kenya will allow professionals of various skillsets to network […]

Desolation Empowered – A Rwandan Testimony

We met Beatrice (38) in 2015 desperate to provide for her family while living in a deteriorating home in Gihundwe Sector, Muhari Sub-County of Rwanda. With three daughters Glorioe (11), Jeanne (9), and Rachel (8) and her husband Denny imprisoned for life soon after their marriage in 2007, Beatrice struggled to make ends meet. Before […]

Active Territory – Rumbek, South Sudan

The Birth of CHEEM in South Sudan When the Lord opened the door for us to enter Rumbek in 2012, we knew the work was going to be difficult, but could not have anticipated the challenges we would face through the years. Although we were working in a number of countries in various communities, seeing […]

Prove It!

Watch Dr. Muindi’s 2016 SATtalk – “The Bride Is the Hero” SAT Talks 2016 – Dr. Florence Muindi from Significant Matters on Vimeo. by Dr. Florence Muindi with Introduction by Tom Bassford  Introduction “Are we as good as our marketing?”  Are we really creating sustainable change or are we just simply wrapping new versions of […]

A Testimony for Many in Kisumu, Kenya

When Norah first visited the Gospel Revival Church in Kisumu, Kenya she could never have imagined she would find herself standing in a room full of women telling her story or how much her story would become a testimony for so many lives. Originally from Uganda, Norah met her husband in Kenya and they moved […]

Launching Phase 3

“Walking this ground and knowing that in 60 weeks this project will be completed stands as a testament to the faithfulness of God” – Dr. Florence Muindi On April 7th Life in Abundance broke ground on the 3rd and final phase of the LIA Center in Kenya. Dr. Florence Muindi, President and CEO of Life In Abundance International and Dr. Samuel Mwangi, Chairman […]

When Faith Intersects with Development

Sustainable impact in the Community Work of Life in Abundance International Nairobi, Kenya, January 12, 2016: LIA Community Impact “The Overall conclusion is clear: the community work established by LIA continues to flourish even after LIA is no longer present.” In all the sites we visited, there is no question that the people are engaged […]

LIA Center, Kenya Groundbreaking – April 7th 2016

Many years ago, Dr. Florence Muindi, LIA’s founding president/CEO took a prayer walk along Lake Langano in Ethiopia. During that time, God asked her to dip her hand in the sand and grab a fistful. HE then revealed to her, “As many as are the grains of sand in your hand, so will be the […]

LIA-US Team Memo

We are overjoyed and humbled at what God has accomplished through the work of Life in Abundance (LIA) the past few decades. We have high hopes and eager expectations for what the Lord will bring to fruition as we continue to put our hand to the plow the coming seasons. As we deepen our impact […]

President’s Annual Letter – Vision 2016

Dear Partners & Friends, Since the birth of LIA in 1995, beginning our work among the Maasai in Kenya, establishing LIA-Ethiopia in 2000 and dedicating the LIA Training Center Kenya in 2015, our mission remains unchanged as we continue to serve the poor and the vulnerable. In faith, we travel this journey to fulfill this […]

Q&A with Joy Peterson; LIA’s new Executive Assistant

Joy Peterson joins LIA’s USA team to serve as our new Executive Assistant. We are so thrilled to have Joy as part of our US team and we asked her a few questions so that you may get to know a little more about what drew her to LIA. Tell us about your calling and conviction to serve […]

Q&A with Jordan McGuire; LIA’s new Teams Coordinator

Jordan McGuire joins LIA as our new Teams Coordinator and we asked her a few questions so that you may get to know a little more about what drew her to serve with LIA. Jordan with her husband Matt Tell us about your calling and conviction to serve the Kingdom.  What were you doing before […]

Photo Highlights from GMHC-Africa 2015

  GMHC – Africa 2015 was the best conference LIA has been able to host to date! As people traveled from across Africa and the world not only bear testimony to the transformational work God is doing in the lives of people across the continent but to also be inspired toward greater things to come […]

Q&A with Dr. Girma Begashaw – LIA’s new Chief of Operations

Dr. Girma Begashaw joins LIA as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Dr. Begashaw has over 35 years of work experience with International Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), serving in senior leadership, organizational development and technical training roles. With a technical background in Civil Engineering, Dr. Begashaw also holds a Masters and Doctorate degree in Leadership Development.  He […]

New Beginnings: Rwanda [Video]

“Like Leontius, the young Athenian in Plato, I presume that you are reading this because you desire a closer look, and that you, too, are properly disturbed by your curiosity. Perhaps, in examining this extremity with me, you hope for some understanding, some insight, some flicker of self-knowledge – a moral, or a lesson, or […]

Welcome: Rev Mutinda Musyimi – Director of Training

Rev Mutinda Musyimi joins the LIA team as the Director of Training at the LIA Center, Kenya. As the Director of Training Rev Mutinda will be responsible for establishing a dynamic training function in line with LIA’s vision and mission as well as coordinating all training activities in the various Country Offices. Rev Mutinda Musyimi is […]

Prayers answered; LIA – Kenya refocuses its healthcare strategy

In April this year Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the graduation of 10,736 recruits at the National Youth Service College. The National Youth Service (NYS) is a government program that was reestablished in 2013 to empower youth by involving them in important national projects. These include service in the armed forces, national reconstruction programs, […]

Restored Health and Renewed Hope in Haiti

Haiti is nearly synonymous with “aid.” For decades it has been crippled by the influx of international relief funds, resources, and services. As the first nation in western hemisphere to gain independence from its colonizers, Haiti’s rich history of strength and determination has been maligned by news headlines that tell a story of aid dependency, […]

President and CEO of LIA invited to sit on the Global Lausanne Movement Health Mission Network

The Lausanne Standards Movement has selected 14 key international leaders to serve as the voice on the issue of the global church’s role in health and development. These leaders are representatives from America (4), Australia, Russia, Peru, Europe (2), Caribbean, Africa (3) and India. Dr. Florence Muindi, President/ CEO, has been chosen to serve in […]

Welcome: Carley Buckingham – Director of Operations

                      Carley Buckingham joined the LIA team as the Director of Operations at the beginning of April. She will be working closely with Tom Kemner. Carley is equipped with 15 years of finance, accounting, HR and leadership experience. We asked Carley to share a bit about herself so you might get to know a bit […]

“My purpose is to give them human dignity”

Teddy is a Social Worker serving with LIA Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. Teddy has been with LIA for over five years, serving and training the poorest of the poor in the leprosy community of Korah. His goal is to empower them to live full lives with dignity and love.

Ruth’s Eye Opening Training

One of the programs that LIA is rolling out in the impoverished fishing community of Kisumu, Kenya, is the guardian program. In this program guardians of at risk youth are identified and the local church – and in partnership with LIA – servers to not only support them but empower them to uplift the children […]

A Place to Call Home

“Now I just want to tell us the story of Life In Abundance, because for some of you this may be the first time you have heard it. So I just wanted to walk you through our story. Where did we come from? How did all this begin?” Dr. Florence Muindi stood at the front […]

Guest Post: Progress in South Sudan

Flatirons Community Church began supporting LIA’s work in South Sudan shortly after the country gained independence in 2011. Ron Barnes, Faltirons’ Global Outreach Pastor, graciously shared his experience about the leadership’s most recent trip to visit the work in the young country. Though they were scheduled to visit more areas, the current conflict in the […]

Full Recovery – The Murage’s

Pastor Emmanton Murage and his wife live and serve in the Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Though he believes that The Gospel is truth and life, Pastor Murage felt a burden to see the people in Mathare impacted in a sustainable way and knew there was something more that needed to be done. In 2011 […]

Transformational Development: Pastor Michael Nyanga

Pastor Michael Nyanga from Kibera, Kenya shares how he learned and implemented transformational development in his community alongside LIA and a pastor’s fellowship group.

News Release: LIA Ethiopia Wins Top Award

For Immediate Release ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Life in Abundance Wins Top Recognition for OVC in Ethiopia On January 15, 2015, Dr. Florence Muindi announced that Life In Abundance International (LIA) was awarded Ethiopia’s 2014 first prize for the empowerment of orphans and vulnerable children. The Arada Street Children Project was established in March 2012; designed to improve […]

Lucy’s Transformation

Olympic Road in Kibera is lined with kiosks and makeshift businesses. Everything from welding stalls, vegetable stands, saloons, thrift shops, to carpentry workshops can be found on this main vein of the settlement. The raging matatus and buzzing marketplaces can be overwhelming, but once the rules of the road are learned, the organized chaos is […]

Hope for Shamsudiin

Life In Abundance works in many countries that are closed and restricted to Christians, meeting practical needs such as childcare and education, in order to witness through action where words are not allowed. This story of a mother and her children is common throughout the five countries we work in. Synab Jamac is a mother […]

A Life Changing Cup of Coffee – Kevin Strickland’s Call to Serve with LIA

On November 1st Kevin Strickland joined the LIA USA team as the Director of Advancement. He will serve closely with Tom Kemner to maintain and improve relations with our current sustaining partners. He brings over 25 years of experience in fundraising and business development to the team, as well as high performing sales leadership in […]

Transformation in Ethiopia

LIA has worked in Ethiopia for well over a decade and has implemented Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs throughout the country. These programs are critical in the nation where just under half of the population has access to an improved water supply, and only 21% of the population has access to adequate sanitation services*. […]

GMHC Africa: Shared Learning for Local Impact

The forecast had called for clear skies and bright Nairobi sunshine for the second annual GMHC: Africa. Instead, the first day was ushered in by gloomy clouds and drizzling rain. However, as people started to file in through the registration hall, shaking off their umbrellas, their moods were clearly not dampened. GMHC:Africa 2014 was held […]

Healing in Haiti

LIA has been working in Haiti through local church partnerships and the Community Health Evangelist (CHE) model over the past two years and, though much of the work is still young, we have been encouraged to see a great change in the communities and a shift away from the dependency model that was so deeply […]

Staff Highlight: Beth Weru

From time-to-time, we want to share some stories of our staff serving in the countries where we work. Today, we highlight Beth’s story, as she serves with LIA in Kenya. Beth Weru grew up in Eastleigh, a suburb next to Mathare slum, where she currently serves as LIA’s program officer. Beth was first introduced to […]

Hot Off the Presses: 2013 Annual Report

Want to learn about the tremendous progress that God enabled for LIA last year? Here’s just a glance: Last year: LIA partnered with more than 120 churches 47,000 people were served directly by those local church partners, not including       their families and the greater community that benefited 1,791 people received business and skills training to […]

Serving the Children of Mathare

Earlier this year, LIA initiated a new orphaned and vulnerable children program in the Mathare slum in Kenya. This program aims to equip six churches in Mathare slum to improve the lives of its community in an integrated way. As part of this equipping, LIA will support the local churches in meeting the needs of […]

Guest Post: Kibera Medical Clinic

Ana Lossing is one of LIA’s 2014 Mi2 interns, serving with us for three months in Kenya. Mi2 is a global internship program offering college students a unique three month experience of real-life missions and development in healthy and effective missions models. Yesterday, we visited the medical clinic at Kibera slum, outside of Nairobi. Kibera […]

New Container Clinic in Kibera

Last week, the team from Homes of Living Hope visited LIA in Kenya to help install the new clinic that will serve the Kibera slum community. This new clinic is made from a shipping container (like the ones you see in the photo below) and will now allow LIA’s local church partners to serve even […]

Why I Support LIA – Dennis and Kristen

In 2012, Dennis and Kristen were invited to sponsor a LIA benefit dinner being co-hosted by one of Dennis’ employees in the Kansas City-area. That was their first entré into serving with LIA. In 2013, they visited LIA Jamaica and were called to walk alongside LIA ever since. When asked why they’ve chosen to partner with […]

Pledge to Transform. Together!

As we kick off our fourth annual Spring Pledge Drive, we invite you to come along alongside LIA and its local church partners to empower families like Yabsira and Fikerte’s. Just months ago, they were hopeless and destitute. Today, smiles beam across their face, reflecting the transformations in their lives. Read their story Our goal […]

LIA’s Strategic Goals for 2014

As the new year is in full force, we wanted to share with you the strategic goals for 2014. In fact, we thought we’d share the strategic goals for the next few years – ranging from the new training center to a few new books to an aviation company! Please take just a moment to […]

Why I Support LIA – Tom and Karen

Dr. Tom and Karen McKechnie have faithfully served alongside LIA for the past 7 years, leading multiple medical and mission teams on the field, donating their time and resources to advance the Kingdom. Dr. Tom currently serves on the LIA International Board and US Advisory Council. When asked why they have faithfully supported LIA over […]

Courageous Faith: Focusing on Jesus

H* is an LIA supporter based in the States who was greatly impacted by Dr. Muindi’s message at Courageous Faith. Below are her thoughts and takeaways from the event: Several nights ago I had the blessing of attending the “Courageous Faith” event at Southeast Christian Church and hearing Dr. Florence Muindi share her personal testimony. […]

Transform. Together. This Christmas!

As the year comes to a close, we are looking forward to 2014 and the years beyond. Will you consider helping is Equip: the Church and Empower: The Vulnerable this Christmas? Help us equip the local church to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and change their communities for the long-term. Help us serve […]

ICOM: Glorifying God Globally

The International Conference on Missions (ICOM) is an annual conference in Kansas City that LIA has been honored to participate in for many years. Sarah May Wilson, our Teams Coordinator, shared a bit about what made this conference special for her: This past week, Life In Abundance had the opportunity to exhibit, as well as […]

GMHC: From Kentucky to Kenya

As the Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC) wrapped up this past weekend, we asked LIA’s Manager of Engagement, Tina Bruner to write about her experience: This past weekend was a time of tremendous learning and fellowship for the Life In Abundance family, and we had the opportunity to meet with many old and new friends.  […]

Spring Pledge Drive: Kenya OVC

Last April, we hosted our annual Spring Pledge Drive, where we asked the LIA family to commit to coming alongside LIA with a monthly gift that supported one year of an orphan and vulnerable children program in Kenya. We wanted to take a moment and fill you in on some of the progress that has […]

Upcoming events – GMHC and ICOM 2013

Are you planning to attend GMHC in Louisville next week, or ICOM in Kansas City the following week? If so, be sure to connect with LIA! Here are the details: GMHC LIA senior leadership, including Dr. Florence Muindi (founder/CEO) and Victor Mikebanyi (regional director), will present three break out sessions: Friday, Nov. 8 – 8:00 […]

Fall Update Webinar Recording

In case you missed the 2013 Fall Ministry Update Webinar, we’ve posted the recording in our Resource Library. It’s worth setting aside an hour this week to hear about all the great developments the Lord has granted for LIA! Dr. Muindi reflects on our 2013 goals and the plans God has laid for LIA in […]

Transformation in Djibouti

As time flies by, we want to continually give pause and celebrate the great progress that the Lord continues to grant LIA and its partners. In just one year in Djibouti, an orphans and vulnerable children program has already grown such deep roots, that we’ve seen it multiply to include other vulnerable people as well. […]

More than $130K raised in one night!

  Late last month, 200 people gathered at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, KY, for LIA’s annual benefit reception. It was such a blessing to spend time in celebration and worship of what God is doing to restore life to the world’s most vulnerable people through the local church. It was a truly special […]

Why I Support LIA – Jim & Jenny

Since 2009, Jim and Jenny Headlee have generously donated their time, expertise and resources to advancing LIA’s ministry both in the field and among supporters. In 2012, Jim began serving on the LIA USA Advisory Council. He and Jenny are passionate about this Kingdom work. When asked why they have chosen to walk with LIA, […]

Guest post: A missions experience in Haiti

Ashton Curry is a LIA mission trip participant, having joined us in Haiti this summer. She shared a bit about her experience: In May 2013, LIA sent its first mission team to Jacmel, Haiti. God blessed me with the opportunity to be the medical team’s student physical therapist. Initially, I found a dependency and self-entitlement […]

GMHC Africa: Coming of Age, Time to Engage

On August 22 and 23, 2013, more than 200 people gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, for the first-ever African-hosted Global Medical Health Conference (GMHC Africa).  Hosting the conference on African soil fulfilled the vision of Dr. Florence Muindi and the LIA international board, in partnership with Southeast Christian Church of Louisville, KY, USA. Representatives gathered from […]

Beyond Relief Summer 2013 Out Now

The latest issue of Beyond Relief is out now! This time, we focus on LIA’s efforts to empower churches to serve the world’s most vulnerable, children. Learn more about: LIA’s work to serve vulnerable children through the local church Stories of transformation Updates on the countries where LIA serves Insight from Dr. Muindi about LIA’s […]

What’s It Like to Intern with LIA?

Paul Mwaura has served as an intern on the LIA team this summer in the Arizona office. He is a sophomore at King’s College in New York. Coincidentally, Paul is Kenyan and moved with his family to the US when he was nine, so our work particularly resonates with him. He plays an integral role […]

LIA Benefit Reception Just 8 Weeks Away!

On September 26, we will host our annual benefit reception in Louisville, Kentucky. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with the LIA leadership team, rejoice in the work that God has enabled, and hear about future developments with the ministry. Event details This year, there are two ways to attend: Sponsor the event […]

NACC Recap: Informed or Transformed?

By Tina Bruner, LIA Manager, Engagement Last week, LIA had the opportunity to participate in the North American Christian Convention (NACC) where nearly 7500 church volunteers and leaders gather each year to learn, share and pray about how God can use us individually and as a Church to be more effective for His purposes. We […]

Guest Post: It starts by SEEing

Justin Ahrens is a long-timer supporter and member of the LIA USA advisory council. He and his creative firm, Rule29, have provided pro bono and discounted branding, design and marketing services to LIA for the last four years. July 9th marked the second anniversary of South Sudan’s independence from its northern counterpart. Last year I […]


During the holiday season last year, LIA committed to restoring life with our church partners through an orphan and vulnerable children program in Ethiopia and relief health services in the Horn of Africa. We wanted to take a moment to update you on the progress so far – transformation is already taking root and lives […]

LIA Benefit Reception – Sept. 26

On Thursday, September 26, LIA will host our annual benefit reception in Louisville, KY, and we’re excited! This year’s event reception will be a bit different then past years: a casual environment that will allow you to mingle with other guests and the LIA staff while you visit the interactive exhibits depicting LIA’s model and […]

Guest Post: Giving a Birthday Away

Kevin Selders, a LIA supporter and member of Cedar Ridge Christian Church in Kansas, wrote this great post about donating his birthday so that the people LIA serves can celebrate their next birthday. Thank you, Kevin, for your partnership and willingness to walk alongside LIA in this Kingdom work! Exactly one month before my 35th […]

Guest Post: My Journey as a Mi2

As our 2013 Mi2 interns prepare to embark on their trip to Kenya next week, we asked LIA’s administrative coordinator, Nicole Ponton, to share about her Mi2 experience just two years ago: At the very beginning of 2011, I was discouraged. I had just returned from an amazing time studying abroad and waiting around to […]

LIA receives Ethiopia award

  A few weeks ago, LIA received top honors by the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, with an achievement award for our water and sanitation (WASH) program in Kirkos, a sub-city of Addis Ababa. We are honored to have received the top recognition among other widely respected peers. More than 1,000 nonprofit community organizations were […]

Charity Navigator Awards LIA with 4-star Rating

Charity Navigator, America’s largest and most-utilized independent evaluator of charities, just awarded Life In Abundance its highest rating for sound fiscal management, good governance, and commitment to accountability and transparency. This is the first time Charity Navigator has reviewed LIA and we are honored to receive the prestigious 4-star rating, which only 25 percent of […]

Promoting Styles That Empower

On March 22nd and 23rd, more than 600 people gathered in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the intersection of fashion and empowerment. Organized by California-based non-profit Freedom and Fashion, the two day event showcased a fashion show dedicated to those interested in social enterprise in the heart of L.A.’s fashion district. LIA was able to […]

Spring Update Webinar Recording

In case you missed the 2013 Spring Ministry Update Webinar, we’ve posted the recording in our Resource Library. It’s worth setting aside an hour this week to hear about all the great developments the Lord has granted for LIA! This work would not be possible without your support. Thank you for coming alongside LIA.

Stories from Ethiopia

For the last three years, LIA walked alongside church partners in Adama, Ethiopia, to implement transformational development initiatives aimed at catalyzing lasting change in the community. During the next few months, we will phase out of an orphans and vulnerable children program in this community. This program has benefited 150 youth living or at-risk of […]

LIA to Attend Freedom & Fashion Collective

On March 23, LIA is proud to participate in the first annual social enterprise conference, the Freedom & Fashion Collective, in Los Angeles, CA. According to Freedom & Fashion, the conference’s goal “is to educate, equip and empower various non-profit and for-profit social enterprises, activists, artists, students, faith groups and the general public” on how […]

Beyond Relief Winter 2013 Out Now

The latest issue of Beyond Relief is out now! This first issue of the new year focuses on Kenya, where LIA is headquartered, and shares lots of great information about: The country of Kenya LIA’s programs Stories of transformation LIA news Highlight on economic empowerment initiatives Read it now. If you have feedback about what […]

This Is My Normal In Justice Film Festival

We are proud to announce This Is My Normal, one of LIA’s documentaries, has been selected to show in the first annual Justice Film Festival, part of The Justice Conference Feb. 22-24, 2013. This Is My Normal explores two primary questions: “What is poverty?” and “What is normal for the world’s poor?” through the eyes […]

LIA’s Annual Letter from the President

Over the last year, we’ve made great strides to keep you better informed on LIA’s progress and the work we are doing. This year, we are continuing to build on those efforts, so you can celebrate the progresses we share together and all that God enables us to do for the Kingdom. Dr. Muindi wrote […]

Mi2 Internship Application Deadline Approaching!

Are you LIA’s next Mi2 Intern? Do you know of a college-age student who might be interested? Every summer, a team of Mi2 interns serve with our staff in Kenya for three months. The Mi2 interns have the opportunity to serve in the field and explore their calling. Mi2s will gain valuable experience in both […]

LIA Profiled In Inagural Exchange Journal

This month, Exchange: Journal of Mission and Markets release its inaugural issue. LIA was honored to be highlighted as the agency profile in the first issue. According the publisher Dave Doty, Exchange: Journal of Mission and Markets “is dedicated to exploring the movement of God in our financial relationships and interactions, the theology that guides […] Top 10 Site to See

HOW Magazine honored LIA this month when it selected as one of the Top 10 Sites to See in December. The website is home for the Konjo project, an economic empowerment initiative in the Kibera slum or Nairobi, Kenya. If you haven’t had a chance to see the site, we encourage you to […]

Dr. Muindi on Excellent Things Radio Show

Earlier this week, Dr. Muindi had the honor of being interviewed on WFIA’s Excellent Things radio show with host Kristen Sauder. If you have not heard Dr. Muindi’s story or about how LIA began, set aside an hour and listen to the podcast. You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to hear it all […]

KONJOs are here!

After more than a year in the making, Konjo sandals are here! We’re excited to provide beautiful shoes for you, while restoring hope for the beautiful people of Africa. Initial quantities are limited, so don’t miss your chance to buy some now. They make great gifts for the holidays – an easy way to pass […]

Waking the Giant in Kentucky and Kansas!

There are few things more inspiring than seeing the Global Church coming together to serve the greater Kingdom. As many of you know (and possibly attended), LIA hosted two benefit dinners over the last several months – one in the Kansas City area (July 14) and one in Louisville, Kentucky (Sept. 27). Both nights combined […]

Leadership Journal Africa features Dr. Muindi’s Writing

LIA founding president/CEO Dr. Muindi was honored recently to contribute writing for the inaugural issue of Leadership Journal Africa. In her article, Dr. Muindi takes the opportunity to remind African leaders what is required for true transformation: “Leadership begins when we identify what God wants and sign up for it wholeheartedly, to wherever and for […]

Hike For Hunger Is Waking the Giant

Last month, the Christian Center of Park City, Utah, hosted Hike for Hunger with more than 300 people who participated. Organizations, churches and families alike came together to rally against hunger and support people locally and globally who go hungry every day. LIA was chosen as one of the global benefiting partners, with a portion […]

200 Youth Have New Hope in Arada, Ethiopia

Less than 18 months ago, 200 youth and their families were hopeless. They spent their waking moments in search of physical sustenance. Now, they’re physical needs are being met, their confidence and skills being raised, and they are beginning to look beyond tomorrow, for long-term (perhaps eternal) spiritual sustenance. What, in this world, is more […]

Premier Accord Network Selects LIA

As you many know, Life In Abundance is committed to not only being compliant with the industry’s best practices for financial accountability and program implementation, but also in advancing the standards that we, as Christian development organizations, hold ourselves to. The Accord Network, an organization aimed at equipping and mobilizing the Christian community to end […]

Shelter for the Weary In Somalia

Somalia is a country that faces some of the most dynamic struggles today. Daily, they encounter political, religious and illegal conflict. Thousands of people flee their homes and end up in refugee camps – communities of make-shift shelters and people who are equally broken. To make matters worse, these people face extreme weather contrasts from […]

Growing a Stronger Community in Makueni

Too often, we don’t take enough time to pause and celebrate the successes and the ways we can clearly see God working. This month we want to do just that. Here’s an update from a project in Makueni, Kenya, where LIA has served alongside five church partners for more than two years. God has clearly […]

From the Field – “There Is Hope” In Ethiopia

This month, our LIA team in Ethiopia shares a touching story of one woman’s encounter with our church partner’s HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention program in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia. Enjoy! “There is Hope” Genet, a community health evangelist trained by LIA and its partner church, visits homes in Debre Birhan to care for sick families and […]

From the Field – Famine Relief in Makueni, Kenya

With so many programs in progress and growth all around for Life In Abundance, we wanted to be sure to share with you some of the highlights, and at times, the plights experienced by the communities we serve. God is good and faithful! Periodically, we’re asking members of our African teams to provides us updates […]

Inspired By Today’s Youth

Early this month, LIA was invited to participate in Feed the Famine. A group of dynamic and inspiring women in Phoenix put together this multi-faceted event aimed at raising awareness about the crisis in East Africa, and to raise funds for organizations that are doing something about it. Fortunately, LIA was selected as one of […]

How Radical is Too Radical?

Guest Blog Post by: Jeremy Jernigan I recently finished David Platt’s book, Radical. I went into reading it with much fanfare and hype. To make it more fun, and to ensure a healthy conversation flowed from the book, I invited my small group to read it with me and discuss it for five weeks. Let […]

Breaking the Cycle Was a Huge Success!

It was 5 am. I opened my eyes and looked up from my resting position, which just so happened to be the floor under the LIA merch table at St. Timothy’s Catholic Community. I sat up to see fifty youth hustle into the conference room. This group of groggy teens had gotten less sleep than […]

Praying for Peace and Justice

With little more than a month’s time remaining, the soon-to-be established nation of Southern Sudan prepares for its first independence day (09 July 2011). As you can imagine this monumental occurrence does not come without its challenges. Reports in the news have described outbursts of violence in the city of Abyei, located on the line […]

Egypt Needs Our Prayer

Being united in prayer while serving a common purpose is something I have very much treasured over these past months. Whether in times of great prosperity or in times of great strife I find encouragement in knowing that together we can humbly present our requests to the Lord so that He may do the work […]

Taking Up the Cause of the Fatherless

Isaiah 1:17, “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” I ask you to join me in prayer this week as I am given the opportunity to represent LIA as we take up the cause of the fatherless at the Christian […]

Join Us For Our First Ever Pledge Drive!

It is our honor and privilege to invite your participation in our first ever Life in Abundance (LIA) International Good Samaritan Pledge Drive! During the month of May, every dollar given or pledged to be given on a monthly basis will be doubled as part of this campaign, up to $60,000! This is an extraordinary […]

Africa’s Orphan Crisis Global Summit Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Florence Muindi, founding president of LIA, will address the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VII in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 12-13, 2011. Dr. Muindi will be discussing the role of the church in transformative approaches that address and prevent the orphan crisis. 
Today there are 48 million orphans […]

‘This Is My Normal’ Documentary Screening in Orange County!

We are excited to announce the Orange County screening of ‘This Is My Normal’ The premiere of ‘This Is My Normal’ in Chicago, IL was a very successful evening and the film received many positive responses by the attendees. We are excited to continue to use this film to ‘catalyze a conversation about the complexities […]

Celebrate With LIA!

  It is with great joy and reflection that I share this update with you today. On this day, nine years ago, LIA International was born. From those humble beginnings, God has brought forth and multiplied our ministry among the nations where we serve today.

Fresh Wind

As our first quarter activities come to a close and we begin the second quarter of the year, I have a good feeling of great things ahead.  We are looking to accomplish several important undertakings this year and have already experienced notable breakthroughs.

‘Breaking The Cycle’ Event! – Mesa, AZ

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia alone 60,000 children sleep on the streets each night. On April 9th youth from the Mesa, Arizona region will gather together to learn about and respond to the high prevalence of children forced to call the Ethiopian streets their home. “Breaking the Cycle” will be held at St. Timothy’s Catholic Community […]

Exodus from North Sudan / Returning Home

I write to you having just returned from a sweet but emotional time in Khartoum, Sudan. Many years ago, God commissioned LIA to serve the displaced people in the north by showing us their destitute status as they camped in mass on the outskirts of Khartoum with no means to meet basic needs. Now, several […]

‘This Is My Normal’ Documentary Screening!

We are very excited to announce the first documentary tour screening of ‘This Is My Normal’! “This is My Normal” is a sobering documentary exploring two primary questions: “What is poverty?” and “What is normal for the world’s poor?’, through the stories and imagery from the slums in Nairobi, Kenya.  In particular, the film focuses […]

Prayer Partner : Addressing a Challenge

It should be no secret that prayer truly achieves much. I just read an email from Yenenesh, our LIA Program Director. She is visiting one of our closed countries this week. The main task during this ten day visit is to complete our ‘training of trainers’ program. This weekend they carried out a prayer walk […]

Healing the Nations

As the world focuses on the turmoil in Libya right now, I can’t help but to be reminded of the faithfulness, righteousness and deliverance of our God, His way- His time! We would love to ask why, explain what is happening, and even predict the outcome, however we would best look to God and trust […]

NEW LIA Blog Launched!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new, upgraded blog! Watch the video below to see the capabilities and various sections of blog, giving you a better means to find specific updates from our initiatives, countries, communities and ways to further engage in our work. We would love to hear what you think! […]

Auschwitz : A Shocking Reminder

I’m writing to you after having just returned from a series of meetings among ministry leaders in Poland. The time was spent well and God was glorified without a doubt. On the final day of our meetings, we took a trip to complete the time together. We went to the Nazi concentration camp in the […]

LIA Gives Street Children in Ethiopia a Chance

ADDIS ABABA (ETHIOPIA) – Life in Abundance (LIA) believes that every child should have an opportunity  to rise to their God given  potential in life. Unfortunately, many of the 60,000 to 100,000 children living on the streets of Addis Ababa miss that chance. This is precisely why LIA launched the Merkato Integrated Street Children Prevention […]

Economic Empowerment : Kibera, Kenya

The Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya is one of the largest in Africa. LIA has ongoing initiatives in Kibera among a cadre of church partners. Recently, community health evangelists completed training and began a micro-enterprise program focused on public health training and goods. We celebrate their beginning with the images that follow.

Captivity In Egypt

For years, the people of Israel were held captive in Egypt. Longing for their own identity, the Israelites were powerless – living as indentured servants forced to make bricks for their Egyptian slave masters. “They made their lives bitter with harsh labor in brick and mortar and with all kinds of work in the fields; […]

Christmas Appeal 2010 – See: Impact

In December, we decided to try something different. We wanted to engage you, our partners, on a deeper level.  We asked not only for your continued financial partnership to support the ministry, but also asked of you to help us tell our story with the enclosed gift of a banana leaf animal handmade from women […]

2010 Donation Receipts – Mailed Today!

At LIA, we recognize that your financial contribution is one that comes with sacrifice and intentionality.  On behalf of our Board of Directors and President, Dr. Florence Muindi, please accept our appreciation for your generosity throughout 2010. We literally could not undertake this ministry without your support!

Independance In Sudan

The Nationals of south Sudan are excited and rejoicing as they look forward to finally having the opportunity for self governance. As of Friday afternoon the unofficial results from the referendum that came to an end on Saturday January 15th, indicates that 98.6% of the south Sudanese have voted for separation.

LIA-Kenya Staff Update

If you have ever served alongside our staff in Kenya, then you will quickly recall the vibrant smile and personality of Dr. Emily Obwaka. For the previous two years, Dr. Emily has served valiantly as the country director for LIA-Kenya.

Sudan Referendum : Voting Begins Today

Please click here to see a full message from LIA President, Dr. Florence Muindi. As we watch the potential split of the nation between Northern and Southern Sudan, I ask that you join me in praying for the outcome of this monumental occasion. This war torn country has seen extensive turmoil over the years and […]

Solar Power in Sudan

Solar power project on the LIA compound in Rumbek Sudan is complete! We now have refrigeration for vaccines, light for the two schools, and power to operate the irrigation system.

LIA in Relevant Magazine!

Click on the image below to read an article written by our good friend and author Kelsey Timmerman, as he documented his time spent in the Mathare Valley slums in Kenya.

Join Us This Holiday Season

At LIA, we see a day when parents in Africa’s poorest communities are able to provide for their own families. Click on the image below to learn about our cause this holiday season to support church-based micro-enterprise initiatives in the communities where we serve. Click on the image below to give towards our goal of […]

International Board Meeting : Highlighting 2010

Two days ago, the LIA International Board of Directors met to discuss and approve many items as we looked back upon 2010 – and all that has been accomplished – and forward to 2011. In light of what was shared to our Board, it seemed appropriate to share this information with you, our partners and […]

Praying For Peace

On January 9, 2011 the entire nation of Sudan will cast their vote regarding the succession of southern Sudan from the North. This vote is a critical component of the comprehensive peace agreement (2005) and has been both long awaited and much anticipated. To learn more about the nature of the vote and what is at […]

Praying for Sudan

As I write this prayer, I do so from the stability of the United States. I have been in the US for a few days now, but continue to carry a burden for the people and nation of Sudan, even from so far away. God has provided remarkable opportunities for LIA to minister in Sudan […]

Praying for the Nairobi Slums

Just this past week, I sat down and watched our second documentary film, ‘This is My Normal’ for the first time. Quite simply, the film left me both saddened and hopeful. Saddened by the sheer amount of work and ministry that remains in the communities we currently serve. Saddened by the conditions that so many […]

Thinking Differently, Thinking Transformationally

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese proverb If you are anything like me and have even so much as mentioned being involved with ministry/development/poverty in Africa or even in your own back yard, this proverb invariably comes up. It […]

Pray About It : In Christ Alone

A few times throughout each year, the weight of the ministry that we have been called to serve in, presses upon me in ways that are difficult to articulate. That which is, simply ought not to be.

First ‘This Is My Normal’ Documentary Screening!

The Mathare Valley is a place where the local water supply (the river) has become the slum’s waste system, trash system, and playground for the young. The Valley is dependent upon the water; however, it is the slum’s most dangerous asset – threatening both children and homes with its ability to rise with untimely rain.  […]

Pray About It : Fall Events

We are embarking on our annual Fall Fundraising Dinner taking place in Louisville, KY on October 14th, 2010. It is with great anticipation and excitement we enter into this event.  We ask that you pray with us for the Lord’s provision that His faithful hand would be in the last minute details and organizing.  May […]

Supporting Former Street Children in Ethiopia in Unique Ways

A passionate heart is contagious. This statement proves to be true time and time again as we witness, you, our partners and supporters diligently and passionately serving the ministry of LIA within the realms of your social circles. Recently we have started a new tool to further engage local communities in our ministry, while also […]

Pray About It: Addis Ababa

It is with great excitement we share with you an update from our water and sanitation initiatives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! Come October, we will have completed the first of the three years projected for this initiative.  Working with People for People and USAID, the key objective of the project is to reduce communicable diseases […]

LIA Highlights from 2009

Celebrate with us! It is with great excitement we announce that after completing our annual financial audit and compiling data, editing, designing, and mailing, we can present LIA’s 2009 Annual Report with joy! We’ve called this annual report: Empowering Change and the entire piece showcases the ministry that God allowed us to participate with during […]

Uniting Communities in Unique Ways

It is seemingly beautiful when communities collide. When people are connected from various parts of the world to learn, encourage and inspire one another. Below is a post from Sarah Ulrich a former member of the Cedar Ridge Christian Church youth group.  Sarah and six other students traveled to Nazaret, Ethiopia in the summer of […]

Pray About It: Kibera, Kenya

For our prayers this week, I’d like to turn your attention to Africa’s second largest slum: Kibera. For those who have traveled through or spent anytime in Nairobi, Kenya, you likely walked alongside someone who lives in this vast slum community. Furthermore, if you have actually spent time with people where they live, work, and […]

Statistics to Stories: Giving Out of Sacrifice

FACT:  62% of the community in Makueni lives below Kenya’s poverty level. Absolutely beautiful. A phrase I continually remarked while traveling through the rural parts of Kenya.  It was the contrast of such rich and vibrant colors that stuck with me on our way out to Makueni, Kenya. The deep blue sky serving as a […]

Pray About It : Rumbek, Sudan

This morning we ask that you would join us, praising the Lord for his strong presence and mighty hand in the Rumbek community in Sudan. We are beyond thankful and excited for the more recent developments in this great community, as God has remained faithful and has truly answered prayers.

Statistics to Stories: Street Children in Nazaret, Ethiopia

FACT: It is estimated that over 150,000 children live on the streets in Ethiopia. It can be a humbling moment when realities clash.  When you realize that how you have come to understand the world around you may be very different than others.  When you see elements of, and comforts in your daily life that […]

Statistics to Stories : Orphans and Vulnerable Children

FACT:  Ethiopia has the largest population of orphans in the world: 13% of children throughout the country are missing one or both parents. This represents an estimated 4.6 million children (UNICEF) It was as if he appeared out of nowhere.

Pray About It : LIA Ethiopia

August 7th marked the 10th year anniversary of LIA-Ethiopia! It is with great joy that we are able to announce this milestone regarding the work in Ethiopia. We are especially grateful for Dr. Yared Mekonnen, LIA-Ethiopia Country Director, and the entire Ethiopia team as they have faithfully served and sacrificed to ensure the success of […]

Pray About It : Kenya Voting

“Kenyans are to vote in a referendum on a new constitution on 4 August  – part of an agreement that ended in deadly clashes after disputed elections in December 2007.” Please join us in prayer for the nation of Kenya during the present campaigning and upcoming election. While we have already seen heightened violence […]

Statistics to Stories : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

FACT: 5 million die every year from water related diseases “Today’s water crisis is not an issue of scarcity, but of access.  More people in the world own a cell phone than have access to a toilet.  And as cities and slums grow at increasing rates, the situation worsens.  Everyday, lack of access to clean […]

Pray About It : Eritrea

Islam is the predominant religion in Eritrea. It is estimated that about 40% of the population is practicing Orthodox Christianity and less than 5% are Protestant and Roman Catholic. Though the Constitution of this country calls for a freedom of religion, that actual freedom has not been realized.  In fact, people of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostal, […]

Pray About It : Rumbek, Sudan

The rural vs urban divide is quite pronounced in Sudan. Health care for example, is developing much faster in the larger cities compared to many conflict-affected and disaster prone rural areas.  There are many factors hindering the increase in rural health care provision even though it seems since 2005 it has become more of a […]

Statistics to Stories

How do you see poverty around the world? This is a question I am personally confronted with on a daily basis, and to be quite honest my answer will shift from time to time. To some degree, I’ve learned to see it as an abstract concept, one seeking to be understood by ratios, percentages and […]

Pray About It : Nazaret, Ethiopia

A startling number of children roam the streets of Nazaret, Ethiopia, unattended. Upon closer inspection these children are more than unattended, they are members of a street life community whose dwelling place is that of pitched tents that line the walls of city buildings. This sub-culture is currently estimated at approximately 6,000 children. In order […]

Small Things, Great Impact

What inspires you to give? In our daily lives simple changes and decisions can impact others around the world in great ways.  Read below to see how the youngest member of our recent documentary team, college student Amanda Bates, has chosen to advocate and raise funds for the people she met in the Mathare Valley […]

Think About It

Fact: In Kenya, bribery payments make up a third of the average household budget. Essentials such as education, health care services, and jobs are in many cases denied to the people that are already living in poverty as they cannot compete with the bribes distorting the market.  Basic needs of the people can also be […]

Praying for Kenya in the Midst of a New Constitution

In August of this year, Kenya will be voting on either the adoption or rejection of a new constitution. As one can easily imagine, the campaigning both for and against the draft constitution has been passionate and at times heated. Last weekend, a coalition of churches joining together for a prayer rally against the constitution […]

Statistics to Stories : Makueni, Kenya

FACT: HIV/AIDS Effects 33 Million people world wide, with 70% living in Africa. It was a hot and sunny Friday afternoon in Makeuni, Kenya.  Having already spent two days in this rural community we had become quite accustomed to the long bumpy van rides to our unknown destination.  On this particular day we were briefed […]

Perception Is Stronger Than Reality

“It isn’t what you look at that matters, it is what you see.” (Henry David Thoreau) This paradox challenged our team while we filmed in the heart of poverty in Mathare Valley, a slum of Nairobi. Yes, the poverty is obvious to anyone who looks, however, it takes one who can really ‘see’ to observe. […]

How Are You? | (Un) Final Reflections

Concluding our “How Are You” series, documentary team member Bob Davidson shares about the lasting impact from his time spent in the Nairobi slums.  Below are some of Bob’s last reflections on the culture, community, people and overall experience from this life-changing trip. (Un) Final Reflections by Bob Davidson As I sit on the plane […]

How Are You? | Faith In the Poor

Some of you may remember Kelsey from the “Held Hostage by Apathy” campaign promoted to raise funds for the production of our second documentary.  Based on the results from this campaign, author and world traveler Kelsey Timmerman spent one of his nights in the slums of Nairobi.  Below is a glimpse into Kelsey’s experience with […]

Think About it | 11 Observations from the Slums

Documentary Team Leader Justin Ahrens provides 11 observations made from his time spent filming in the Kibera and Mathare Valley slums in Kenya. *  Approx 80% of the citizens of Nairobi live in some sort of slum dwelling. *  Everyone likes to be called by name, no matter where you live. *  A local health […]

How Are You? | Slum Life

Graphic designer and illustrator Von Glitschka provides a great overview of life in the Nairobi slums.  As a member of our recent documentary team Von gives both factual and observational insight into his experience. Von has set up his reflections as a visual journey seeing the conditions and meeting the people, we invite you to […]

How Are You? | A Changed Mind

Justin Ahrens, Principle and Creative Director for Rule29 Creative, as well as an LIA board member, shares about his experience from his time spent in the slums working on our latest documentary project.  Read below as Justin Ahrens answers the question, How Are You?

How are you? | I’m changed

In the states, it is extremely common for a person to ask another, ‘how are you?’ We do this as greeting. I’ll walk into a 7-11, look the cashier in the eye, and say ‘Hi, Ruthie, how are you?’ I really ask the question to be polite and she answers with an ‘I’m fine’ to […]

see: Rumbek, Sudan

Though the country is in the midst of a long standing, presently peaceful, civil war, many changes are expected in less than six months for Sudan. In January, a referendum vote is to take place that is likely to have a dramatic impact on the future of this country. And yet, in the midst of […]

Think About It

FACT: In many parts of Africa, the production of food depends upon the intense physical labor of each family. When large areas of Africa are dislocated by war, especially southern Sudan where a civil war has been going on for 25 years, or adults die from the scourge of AIDS, fields cannot be worked, and food […]

Her Name Is Poverty

I walk by, and see her. In the midst of hundreds of other children I’ve seen this day, she catches my utmost attention. I stop walking and bend down, just long enough for our eyes to meet. She can’t be more than 18 months old and her little round belly reminds me of my daughter […]

Think About It.

FACT: It is estimated that over 85 million people live in the vast country of Ethiopia.  Regarding age structure in this country, only about 3% of the population is over the age of 65.  In the US, about 13% fall into the 65 and older category. This leaves about 46% of the population ranging between […]

Book Recomendation: Dispossessed by Mark Kramer

There are very few books that I re-read, recommend to others, and even quote from, but Dispossessed: Life in Our World’s Urban Slums by Mark Kramer is such a book and I would strongly encourage you to pick up your very own copy today. Mark Kramer is an author, free-lance writer, and professor who specializes […]

Real and Raw

Today marks the start of filming for our second documentary.  Over the past few months we have shared about our vision for the film, while asking you to partner with us through the production process. We have told you that we want to use this film to tell the story of survival in the Nairobi […]

Celebrating Culture: See Ethiopia

Last Saturday marked the 8th Birthday of LIA as a registered organization in the states. And how did we celebrate this birthday? We chose to represent LIA at the 6th annual Gilbert Global Village Festival in Gilbert, AZ. The day focused on bringing the Gilbert community together to expose the diversity and rich culture that […]

Think About It

Fact: Thousands of farm workers in Kenya have been temporarily laid off because of the volcanic ash over Europe that has grounded flights. With horticulture more recently becoming Kenya’s greatest export, earning and accounting for roughly 20% of the economy, over 3,000 tons of goods have been discarded thus far, unable to reach their European […]

Happy Birthday LIA Family

It is with heart felt joy that we celebrate the goodness of God to LIA, as we mark our 8th birthday since our registration in the USA on April 17. It’s been 8 great years marked with growth way beyond our wildest expectations. The easiest indicator of this growth could be noted by a look […]

Think About It

Fact: Ethiopia’s economy is based on agriculture in which accounts for 45% of the GDP and 85% of employment.  Due to frequent drought and poor cultivation practices the economy tends to be unstable, as are the jobs of those that work in this sector. Source: CIA The World Factbook

Think About It.

Fact: In Djibouti, a country with a population over 724,622 people, a mere 13,000 are recorded as internet users. In the United States, with a population of about 307,212,123, there are 231,000,000 people able to access and utilize the world wide web. Fact from CIA-The World Factbook

Think About It.

Fact: In Thika District 61% of orphans and vulnerable children live below the poverty line. Staying away from the streets can be very difficult for many of these children due to the lack of uniforms,scholar materials and food needed to attend school.  Sadly, majority of young girls are used as sex objects increasing risks of […]

President of Kenya Praises LIA!

On March 6th we hosted our first ever fund raising dinner in Nairobi, Kenya.  A unique message was prepared and presented by LIA President Dr. Florence Muindi and our documentary film ‘This is my Home’ was shown giving a glimpse into the reality of our ministry. The keynote speaker for the evening was none other […]

Think About It

Fact: In the rural settings of Sudan it is estimated that only 64% of people have access to an improved water source, and only 24% of the population have access to improved sanitation facilities. Considering the necessity of water fo not only for drinking but many other daily activities, as well as the fact that […]

Second Documentary to be Filmed In Kibera, Kenya!

It’s the people, the smells and the sounds. It’s the community. It’s the uncomfortable nature of being in unfamiliar territory. But what probably sticks in everyone’s mind the most are the people.  There is something very special and personal about seeing the ministry of LIA in action. When you visit the communities where we serve, […]

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Fact: 43% of Children in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have safe, accessible drinking water. For example, in the Kibera, Kenya community drinking water is typically pumped through metal and broken plastic pipes alongside sewage and trenches.

Creative Talents of LIA Board Member Recognized

On Monday, HOW Magazine, a publication dedicated to providing graphic-design professionals with the essentials in their field, took the time to showcase our very special friend, board member, and Principle of Rule29 Design, Justin Ahrens. In this featured interview, Justin is asked a myriad of questions ranging from his source of inspiration to his ability […]

Praying for Sudan: Update

The future of Sudan is uncertain as election is coming in April 2010 and Referendum in January 2011. As we look forward to the election in April, we are soliciting you, our partners, to pray for peace and stability in Africa’s largest (geographically speaking) country. At the same time, we want to keep you informed […]

Church Transformation: Kara Kore Presbyterian

The last of our church transformation stories from Ethiopia comes from Kara Kore Presbyterian, another church that is meeting the needs of the Addis Ababa community. Kara Kore Presbyterian Church Community: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Having been a partner church with us since July 2006, Kara Kore Presbyterian has been able to reach their community using […]

Church Transformation: Nazareth Emmanuel United

Nazareth Emmanuel United Church Community: Nazaret, Ethiopia This church has been encouragingly aggressive in implementing wholistic ministry activities.  In combination with the initiatives in micro-enterprise, house renovations and construction, the church remains connected with the community by way of home visits, supplementary feeding and other tasks for addressing community needs. The church works in harmony […]

Church Empowerment: Akaki Kalehiywot Church

Continuing our series regarding some of the highlights from the community work in Ethiopia we find Akaki Kalehiywot Church also in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Community: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia This church has been executing various activities including the provision of education, health and other social services. Social Services: For some of the most needy members of […]

Church Empowerment: Antioch Faith Baptist

The growth of LIA in 2009 has allowed for amazing transformation and community development to take place through our partner churches.  We hope you will enjoy our blog series this week in which we will feature four of our partner churches throughout Ethiopia. We will highlight stories from three churches in Addis Ababa and one […]

Think About It

Fact: Poor health services, minimal access to safe drinking water, and malnutrition are just some of the factors that result in the disheartening fact that in Ethiopia the under-5 years of age mortality rate is 173 per 1,000 births. Fact found from

Our Global Community

The mission of LIA is to empower churches to serve the poor using a wholistic approach for community development. A significant focus for our organization in 2010 is communicating to you from the communities where we serve, in order for the global community to be connected, sharing the burden of poverty (both spiritual and physical) […]

Stories of Transformation: Vulnerable Children

Are you interested in learning more about how your generous support has helped to empower the ministry of LIA over the years? We are excited to give you a chance to tangibly see and read about the transformational impact that has taken place throughout the communities we serve within northeast Africa.  Our annual report highlights […]

Never Forget

Our staff live and work in some of the world’s most challenging places. Persistent poverty, hopelessness, and tragedy are the norm. We could fill this space with volumes of first-hand stories from the communities where we serve that would simply tear you up inside. It is in this context we choose to serve, but it […]

Our Story Is Better

Nairobi, Kenya – For the last seven days, the LIA senior management team, later joined by our country directors, planned and prepared for 2010. When you are with the same people for such an extended period of time, even in the best circumstances, confrontation seems to be inevitable. Yet, this week we didn’t have a […]

Two Communities Unite

By definition the word community means a unified body of individuals.  One of the main focuses for LIA in 2010 will be strategically linking passionate and committed localized communities, in the form of small groups, businesses, schools, churches, etc., with our community initiative throughout Africa.  Our goal is long-term partnerships that share prayer and resources while focusing on building each other […]

Poverty is a Justice Issue

If we get down to the root of what we are equipping churches to do/act/be in their respective communities – we are asking them to respond to the inequity that is facing their neighbors. We are asking them to tackle systemic injustice head on and we are asking them to do so in partnership with […]