Why the Local Church?

Discover why the local church is key to sustainable impact!
Why the Church

We partner with the local church because we believe it is who Christ ordained to carry out the purposes of God. The church is familiar with the problems of the community and can bring sustainable solutions to meet their needs. We know that long after our work is complete within a community, it is the local church who is left to cultivate development without dependency.

The Beginning of a New Way

by Dr. Florence Muindi

“I remember walking through the streets of Ethiopia as a missionary some 20 years ago and feeling completely overwhelmed by the needs I saw everywhere.  The realization came over me how ill equipped I was and that I could not do this on my own.  There had to be a better way and I found myself opening up to the idea that God might want to do something new.  It was then I let go and allowed God to take hold of my ministry and breathe life into it by refocusing our efforts.

Overnight the mission and vision of Life In Abundance became clear; we were to challenge the local church and empower her to become the agent of change within the community. Although the new direction came overnight it took years of hard work, courage, and obedience to work out the model and see the long-term impact.”

Dr. Florence Muindi
Stories that Highlight Church Partnership

Empowered for Change

    Semret is a young, married mother living in the town of Adama in Ethiopia. She and her husband are committed members of Gospel Light Church and her husband serves as the team worship leader. Dependent upon her husband’s income in full-time ministry, Semret’s family was unable to keep up with the increased cost […]

The Hands and Feet

Last year, we had the privilege of partnering with Rubona Presbyterian Parish in Rwanda. The community of believers wrestled with the fact that there was an evident divide between the pastors and the rest of the congregation. Although they wanted to transform their community, the pastors’ strategy was to serve the people of the community […]

In the Valley of Dry Bones

Cyangugu, Rwanda is home to a small baptist church in the town of Kamembe. For many years this church wrestled with a divided leadership team causing strife throughout the church. As the congregation dwindled and donations were sparse, the church leaders were faced with a decision: sell the church and its property or rebuild what […]

Cultivating God’s Gifts

Kanyuambora, Kenya was home to a collective group of local partner church pastors who had a dream for their communities. The ten pastors gathered regularly and set vision for empowering the community. They longed to enhance the economy of Kanyuambora, but had no idea where to start. The task was too large to take on […]

A Home of Redemption

In Silent Hill, Jamaica the rain had just begun to patter on the dilapidated roof and already the water was beginning to leak into the modest shelter. With no money to support the cost of a home for herself and her two children who still lived in the home, Claudette was left to live in […]

A Clean Slate

In Ntulele, a small Kenyan community we have the privilege of partnering with, the people of the community were desperate for better health and basic sanitation. Due to a lack of pit latrines in the area and community homes, open defecation and waste were contaminating the community’s water source. This posed many serious health hazards […]

A Life of Purpose

Evening had already set over the slums of Kibera, Kenya when the sound of broken glass interrupted the still night. A brawl had broken out in the local bar and authorities were called to intervene. The subjects of the altercation were brought out from the bar and young Lorian was arrested for his involvement. Lorian […]

A New Foundation

Amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable children and families that we encounter, we witness the devastating effects of physical and spiritual poverty. Here at LIA, we empower local churches in order to break this cycle of poverty and cultivate hope for members of the community. Sasai’s story is a testament to the redemptive power the […]

From Chains to Joy

Our hearts break at the sight of vulnerable and innocent children being corrupted by the actions of those caring for them. Six year-old Emmanuel showed us the painful impact of child abuse exposed in the impoverished Nyalenda community of Kenya, while also embodying the hope that the Lord has for all those He calls into […]

Desolation Empowered – A Rwandan Testimony

We met Beatrice (38) in 2015 desperate to provide for her family while living in a deteriorating home in Gihundwe Sector, Muhari Sub-County of Rwanda. With three daughters Glorioe (11), Jeanne (9), and Rachel (8) and her husband Denny imprisoned for life soon after their marriage in 2007, Beatrice struggled to make ends meet. Before […]