Phasing Out

Development without Dependency

The single most important piece of our model is the phasing-out stage. This process is truly the turning point that allows the church and the community to take complete ownership of their transformation.

When programs mature and development takes root, a natural multiplying effect occurs. New programs are implemented in the community and established programs are often replicated in another community, linking the two communities together.

Church Outcomes

When the Church is placed back in its rightful place within the community, the following occurs:

  • Strengthened faith within the church
  • Accelerated conversion growth
  • Reconciliation in relationships
  • Mobilization of gifts and callings
  • Increased relevance to and participation in greater society
Church Outcomes
Community Outcomes

When the community takes ownership of its long-term development, the following occurs:

  • Local leadership participates in identifying needs and solutions.
  • Leadership is equipped to meet the needs of the community in a sustainable way.
  • Preventative actions are implemented not just curative responses.
  • The community begins to replicate its programs.
  • The community is healthier as a whole. We are one step closer to the Kingdom of God here on earth.
Individual Outcomes

Not only are communities transformed through our integrated initiatives, but individuals show they are transformed through both Word and deed:

  • Trained and Educated
  • Empowered and Supported
  • Basic needs are met
  • Provide for themselves and their families
  • Live life more abundantly
  • Become an agent of change in their community
Transformed Individual