Training Centers

Our training centers serve to train churches, organizations, and community leaders around the world on our community transformation development model and how to implement it in their own communities.

The Hand in the Sand

Many years ago, Dr. Florence Muindi, LIA’s founding president/CEO took a prayer walk along Lake Langano in Ethiopia. During that time, God asked her to dip her hand in the sand and grab a fistful. He then revealed to her, “As many as are the grains of sand in your hands, so will be the leaders who will be empowered through the work of Life in Abundance.” The LIA Centers in Kenya and Jamaica are the establishment of God’s words Dr. Muindi’s at Lake Langano.

Our training centers serve to train churches, organizations, and community leaders around the world on our community transformation development model and how to implement it in their own communities. This is a model that has been implemented, refined, monitored, evaluated, and replicated with more than 150 local churches serving Africa’s most vulnerable children and families. We know first-hand that training is the greatest influence in empowering people to participate in and own their community’s transformation. For that reason, we have been led to develop training centers so that ministries in different communities, countries, and continents may be equipped to serve the most vulnerable people for the long term.

If you’re interested in being trained in our Wholistic Development Model at one of our training centers (Kenya & Jamaica), contact your nearest LIA ministry support office:

Training Center Success Stories