LIA Summer Internship

We invite you to walk with LIA boots-on-the-ground for a 10-week Summer Internship. Join students from Africa and the US as you serve alongside each other within the communities we serve. As you step into various African communities, you’ll have the opportunity to serve and engage each region, targeting the specific needs of that community. Be prepared to lean-in in various ways as you go!

For 20 years Life in Abundance has stewarded a missions model for church-centered community transformation. We believe that the local church is positioned to bring life and life in abundance to the communities where they are planted.

The LIA model targets 4 main areas of transformation. Economic Empowerment, Community Health, Social Engagement, and Education. Our summer internship will provide you the opportunity to see and participate with the various programs and projects implemented in the communities. Programs that are implemented in the different communities will vary based on the greatest felt need, time served, and cultural relevance.

Trip Outline
  • US Interns arrive in Louisville, KY and spend 2 days with LIA-staff engaging in pre-field activities

  • Interns depart for field for a 10-week internship boots-on-the-ground

  • Interns depart from field and arrive in Louisville, KY and spend 1 day debriefing with LIA-US staff

  • Interns depart for home

Must be between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age. Willingness to be adaptable and serve where needed. Participants that apply for this internship are responsible to raise funds. Individual financial goals will be set once approval process is complete. Standard trip cost is based on participants based in the US. Participants from other locations may have a different set financial objective. Please contact LIA for specific fundraising goals from your location.