LIA Summer Internship

May 31 – August 3, 2019

Boots on the Ground

The LIA Summer Internship is an invitation for young adults ages 19-25 to walk with us boots-on-the-ground for a 10-week program. You will join young adults from countries all over the world to explore the intricacies of sustainable community transformation. As you step into five African communities, you’ll have the opportunity to serve and engage with the locals, targeting the specific needs of that region.

We long to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders by mobilizing you into the mission field and equipping you to serve local communities using our model. Our transformational development model targets four main areas of need within the communities we serve: Economic Empowerment, Community Health, Social Engagement, and Education. Our summer internship will provide you the opportunity to participate with the various programs and projects implemented in the communities. Our hope is to give you the same heart for church-centered community transformation as God has given us!


Trip Outline

May 31 – August 3, 2018

  • MARCH 9

    Fundraising halfway point deadline

  • JANUARY 26

    Application deadline

  • MAY 18

    Fundraising full point deadline

  • MAY 29 – 31

    US Interns arrive in Louisville, KY and spend 2 days with LIA-staff engaging in pre-field activities.

  • JUNE 1

    Interns depart for the field for a 10-week internship program.

  • AUGUST 3

    Interns depart from the field and arrive in Louisville, KY.

  • AUGUST 3 – 5

    Post-trip debrief with LIA staff in Louisville, KY


Why should I intern with you?

Sacrificing 10 weeks of your summer as a young adult may seem like a lofty call. However, our summer program is more than just an internship. You will receive empowering training and first-hand experience relieving poverty on mission for an extended period of time. While on the field, you will be immersed into our transformational development model and able to attest to the Lord’s gospel transformation in a powerful way.

Who can intern?

Participants must be between the ages of 19-25. We accept participants from any and all countries! LIA interns will have the opportunity to interact and learn with young adults from international destinations all over the world. We seek interns who are adaptable and willing to serve and love where they are needed.

When is it?

The LIA Summer Internship will take place from May 31, 2018, through August 5, 2018.

Do I have to attend for all of the 10-weeks?

All interns are required to participate in the full 10-week internship program.

How much is it?

The LIA Summer Internship is $6,500 per participant. This includes your lodging and meals for pre and post trip activities, international flights, lodging and meals on the field, and training materials. Standard trip cost is based on U.S. participants. Participants from other countries will have an adjusted financial objective based on flight costs and monetary exchange rates.

How am I expected to pay for that?

We believe our God is the ultimate provider. Because of that, we recommend that participants support raise in order to attain the funds needed for this internship. We will guide students in how to have support meetings with family and friends to ask for spiritual and financial assistance for the trip.

Participants who apply for this internship are responsible to raise the total amount of funds. If funds are not all raised through support, the participant will be responsible for covering the remainder of their balance in order to take part in the internship.

Where will we be?

The LIA interns will spend 10 weeks traveling to various Kenyan communities in which we currently serve.

What will we be doing?

Upon arriving in Kenya, you will participate in a 10-day training program to certify you in our Community Transformation Model. From there you will visit and partner in our work within the various communities we currently serve.

Where will we be staying?

The team will stay in various guesthouses throughout urban and rural Kenyan communities. You will get to spend 5-7 days within each community you serve.