Education is a central piece to our vision and mission—below you will find a list of media files that will help give a clearer picture of our work over the previous years.

Annual Reports

We are committed to the proper stewardship, accountability, and transparency for all funds and resources donated to our work. As a member of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), an accreditation based on board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of charity resources—we long to steward well all the Lord has intrusted to us.

2017 Annual Reports

2016 Annual Reports

 2015 Annual Reports

2014 Annual Reports


Here are some short, educational videos to help you better understand and share our transformational development model and God’s calling. We are working behind the scenes to develop and publish more content for you, so be sure to check back regularly.

Each of the below videos provides additional information about LIA’s transformational development model and philosophy, as described by LIA’s founding president and CEO, Dr. Florence Muindi.

Stories about Education

For the Glory of His Name – Transformation in Egypt

To preserve the anonymity of those involved, names of individuals and places in the following story have been changed or omitted. In a large Egyptian city in the northern region of the country, the oppressed evangelical community cried out in desperation. They wanted better education for their children and longed to engage the community at […]

Ongoing Impact – Kibera, Kenya

Youth in the Sarang’ombe area of Kibera are subject to violence and idleness at a very young age. Many of them become involved with substance abuse, gender-based violence, theft, and armed robbery, and are used by local politicians to cause chaos within the communities. Impatient with community development and the hard work that comes with […]

Hopeful Initiatives – Developing Education in Jamaica

We receive so much joy watching communities come together and create initiatives to serve their neighborhoods best. We were encouraged to watch as two different churches in Jamaica empowered by our model individually sought to create Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs in order to provide quality education for the children in their area. Here at […]