Our COVID-19 Response

(Published March 25, 2020)

As the world faces the outbreak of the new Coronavirus and the implications of this global pandemic, you may be wondering how COVID-19 is affecting Life In Abundance’s work and the poor and vulnerable communities we serve in Africa and the Caribbean. 

LIA currently works in more than 56 disadvantaged communities in 14 countries. All these countries have already reported cases and are being impacted by the virus. We recognize the severity of this for the urban and rural poor we walk with, many of whom live in crowded areas, rely on daily income, have pre-existing medical conditions (such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, and malnutrition), and have less access to proper healthcare and education. Should COVID-19 spread in these communities, the results will be devastating. 

However, we know that Life In Abundance is uniquely positioned by God to make a difference during this critical time in history. We already partner with over 150 local churches in these communities and have the infrastructure in place to train local staff members and leaders to deal with not only the medical side of current needs, but also the economic, social, and spiritual implications people will face. 

As we wholistically meet the needs of these communities during this time, we wholeheartedly believe in the Lord’s sovereignty and his ability to bring life in abundance even now. We’re thankful to serve God alongside all of you and will continue to keep you updated. 

Ways to Help

Click here for a more in-depth look at our response and action plan for the coming weeks. 

Check out and share this 5-day devotional (including a coloring page, worship playlist, and other interactive elements) made especially for you as you walk through this time. Created for easy mobile use and viewable on all devices.

Your financial donations help us continue to bring hope and meet the needs of the poor and vulnerable as they face this crisis.

Pray with Us

Please join us in prayer for the believers we partner with, our staff members in the field, and their countries. Lord, may the hope of the gospel and the wholistic service of the church spread even faster than this virus.

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