Our COVID-19 Response

What happens when a crisis meets a crisis?

Over a year into the global pandemic, COVID-19 is a virus that is still affecting all our lives. For the 56 poor and vulnerable communities LIA serves in 14 countries in Africa and the Caribbean, this season has added to the already felt challenges of the disadvantaged. We recognize the severity of this crisis for the urban and rural poor we walk with, many living in crowded areas, relying on daily income, and having less access to proper healthcare and education.

However, we’ve also seen God work in remarkable ways as our LIA teams and local and global partners have shown up to respond. In this dark season, we have witnessed the church share the love and compassion of Jesus through educating, protecting, feeding, praying, counseling, and giving to those in need.

In 2020, we mobilized 270 local churches in 56 communities to impact over 111,700 people through our COVID response.

We believe that Life In Abundance is uniquely positioned by God to make a difference during this critical time in history… and we are not finished yet. Thank you for joining us in bringing Christ’s promise of life in abundance today.

Action Plan

Our country staff teams have adjusted their roles to develop a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that includes education on preventive measures, distribution of hygiene and medical supplies, and support for jobless families. COVID-19 is present in all of the countries we serve. Governments are taking action to stop the spread by initiating lock downs, restricting movement, and encouraging social distancing. However, a majority of the country populations have limited access to information so there is a lot of fear surging through our communities.  In various ways, we are beginning to see the tide turn and less of an impact as it relates to spread and infection – yet the economic impact has been severe in many communities with the extended lockdowns. LIA Country Directors have stepped up to the task, serving as front-line workers to combat this and serve their countries. Click here for more information on the action plan we are implementing to serve our communities well during this time.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring awareness of COVID-19 in our 56 communities, equip 56,000 people with facemasks and hygiene materials, as well as give temporary food and financial support to families impacted and equip LIA’s three primary health care clinics and partner with other government centers in our 56 communities.

Your Support

Below are examples of how your giving can support our communities in Africa and the Caribbean during this time. Any size gift makes a difference to those in need.

Informational Poster and Brochures

Your gift could provide 1 poster or 100 brochures to bring awareness and encourage preventative measures in communities.

$10 | £8 | 15fr.

Facemasks and Soap

Your gift could provide a 50 count pack of facemarks for a family or 10 bars of soap for 5 families for 2 weeks.

$20 | £16 | 19fr.

Roto Water Tank

Your gift could provide 1 Roto water tank to promote hand washing in communities.

$50 | £40 | 48fr.

Food Supply

Your gift could provide a 3-month supply of basic food for one of our 11,200 families in need.

$150 | £120 | 140fr.


Check out and share these 5-day devotionals (including coloring pages, worship playlists, and other interactive elements) made especially for you as you walk through this time. Created for easy mobile use and viewable on all devices.

Receiving Abundance

5 Day Devotional

Spreading Hope

5 Day Devotional


Prayer Requests

During this season, we would be honored to partner with you in prayer for any needs or concerns you or your loved ones may be carrying.

Pray with Us

Please join us in prayer for the believers we partner with, our staff members in the field, and their countries. Lord, may the hope of the gospel and the wholistic service of the church spread even faster than this virus.