A Letter from Life In Abundance's President Dr. Florence Muindi

Dear Friend, 

2019 will go down in our story as a very significant and defining year.

As my family and I encouraged our hearts to journey on after the loss of a dearly loved one; the question we had before God was; what is the assignment ahead?   The pause to mourn and hear God came at the end of an intense establishment season. LIA had just finished the season of focused and intentional tasks that had stretched for 20 months.  The goal was to build the capacity of the LIA entities across the nations and upgrade the systems of ministry operations.

As we lifted our gaze, suddenly; the assignment became as clear as day. I realized what was laid down after 24 years of ministry was but just the establishment of a foundation that the Lord will now build on. As this dawned on me, the established pieces of the foundation and the blueprint of what the Lord wants to build on it ignited us with hope and even joy for the next season, diminishing every sense of loss.

The completed components the Lord had brought together over these 24 years to form this grand foundation are:

  • Institutionalization and capacitation through structures, systems and personnel of all the program countries which are 12 in Africa and 2 in the Caribbean
  • Setting up, staffing and streamlining partnership processes through our 3 support offices in the US, Switzerland and the UK
  • Equipping and putting in place curriculums and accreditation of our training program through the two LIA centers based in Kenya and Jamaica
  • Establishing to full function the LIA Blue Wings Aviation Company to efficiently run and fulfill its missional objectives.

These pieces form the core identity of LIA , commonly referred to as “1704”. The acronym is the 17 country locations and 4 entities coming alongside these. For this significant milestone, we give God the glory.

The journey ahead is the exciting and bigger story. Related to the former, it would be like comparing a run-down shantytown to a central business district of a thriving city. We now get to build on a deep and fortified foundation. Distinct direction that will richly declare his glory to the Nations and His spectacular deeds among all people.

This all comes out of your generous support all these years.  Together we celebrate this as our joint heritage and advance forward TOGETHER. Thank you for partnering with us. 

In Christ,

Dr. Florence Muindi
President & CEO

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