Celebrating Advent

A Weekly Devotional


The prophets recognizing the hope of salvation yet to come. The angels announcing peace on earth. The shepherds filled with joy at what they heard and saw. The magi pursuing love through knowledge and sacrifice. Christ, a baby laying in a manger at the very heart of it all.

The Christmas story is one you may be so familiar with that it is difficult to give it the wonder it deserves. Yet it is worth reminding ourselves of time and time again. This Advent, join Life In Abundance in revisiting the story, God’s story, as we celebrate Jesus’ first coming and eagerly await his return.

Praying these Scriptures, reflections, and interactive pieces coming out each week of December will bring light to you and your family this holiday season.

Happy Advent from us to you!



This first week of Advent, you may not feel like celebrating. With the reality of a global pandemic and the numerous challenges it has brought to our lives in 2020, it is clear that we need hope as much as ever. Read about Mary, Zechariah, and the prophets as they chose to hope for their futures. 



On the second week of Advent, we are reminded that God has made a way for peace. Take a look back with us at the beginning of the story where shalom is met with conflict in the garden and our need for Jesus is first made clear. 



If we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are promised everlasting joy at the end of the story. On this third week of Advent, read about the shepherds’ response when they got a glimpse of happiness to come.  



Love for a thousand generations. God’s love covers us, the only thing he asks in return is that we love him back. During our fourth week of Advent, be inspired by the Magi as they love their king through knowledge, intention, and sacrifice.



At the centerfold of the story is Jesus. As we come to the end of Advent, we wish you a merry Christ-centered celebration of the birth of the king. May he fill your everyday life with hope, peace, joy, and love as you encourage those around you and eagerly anticipate his return.