Excellent Derilienne is a woman who lives up to her name.

A loving mother of six and wife to a pastor in Jacmel, Haiti, she seeks to serve God with excellence, despite the challenges her family faces.

According to Excellent, it’s difficult to be in ministry in her country, especially with a family. Many church members face unemployment or insufficient income issues, so pastors are often coerced into taking extra jobs outside the church to meet their own needs. This has meant Excellent’s husband does not only work at the church, but is also a teacher at a private elementary school.

In order to free him up to focus more on church activities, a few years ago, Excellent started a small business to help generate income for her family. However, she never had many items to sell at her roadside retail stand.

This changed when she recently attended an LIA training put on by her local church. Excellent learned the basics of income generating activities and business principles and was offered an opportunity to receive a microloan. This was just the boost her business needed. Now she sells a variety of foods that provide her family with additional funds, so that they can spend more time leaning into the purpose they know God has for them.

Please pray for Excellent’s family and other Christians in ministry that LIA serves in Africa and the Caribbean. Ask that the Lord would give them wisdom in knowing how to use their resources well in ways that honor him and help their communities.