(Example of a Cessna Grand Caravan Aircraft)

In 2007 as we met together to establish a 7 year strategic plan for the growth and establishment of Life in Abundance, we formulated a profitable opportunity for our organization. It was decided then that LIA would host an aviation segment to serve vulnerable and remote communities while providing air services to humanitarian aid and relief agencies seeking to reach marginalized areas. Through collective discernment, the Blue Wings Aviation project was marked as one of our long-term capital projects.

Just like LIA, Blue Wings Limited exists to declare God’s glory and marvelous deeds to the nations. The mission of Blue Wings is to reach and serve remote, marginalized communities through providing affordable and efficient air services for humanitarian aid and relief agencies in Kenya and the East African Region. Operating as a for-profit business within this mission, Blue Wings will be used to generate income to sustain ministry activities while also practically serving ministry needs on an ongoing basis. 

 In many ways, Blue Wings Aviation will differ greatly from other companies that pursue similar ventures. We are uniquely invested in the local humanitarian and relief aviation needs. The aircraft we plan to purchase is also specifically designed to land and take off from remote airstrips which will help us access marginalized communities. Blue Wings will also reduce in country traveling costs for LIA ministry as we utilize the aircraft when it’s not being used commercially.  

As of now, Blue Wings Aviation has officially launched and we have appointed a highly experienced general manager to oversee operations. We are in the process finding an aircraft to purchase. We have reserved office space for a Blue Wings branch in the Nairobi headquarters and are in the process of brand development, refining our logo, and constructing a website. We are eager to see all that the Lord has planned for Blue Wings as we go forth in faith and prayer.