In Ntulele, a small Kenyan community we have the privilege of partnering with, the people of the community were desperate for better health and basic sanitation. Due to a lack of pit latrines in the area and community homes, open defecation and waste were contaminating the community’s water source. This posed many serious health hazards for the residents like the spread of illness and diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. The community was frustrated with the constant spread of disease and longed for clean water and proper waste disposal.

An LIA partner church in Ntulele heard the cry for help and was determined to restore health to the community. Through our support, the church was able to initiate a Water and Sanitation Health (WASH) program in order to address the dire issues in Ntulele. The program committee realized that often the issue for the members of the community is not a lack of resources; rather, it is a lack of education about health and sanitation.



Community Health Evangelists (CHE’s) within the community became highly involved with the issue in an effort to actively improve sanitation and hygiene. The WASH Program is not only helping families of orphans and vulnerable children in Ntulele, but is also setting an example for the rest of the community to follow. The program has educated the community on the hygiene hazards and methods of sanitation. We have seen 3 families construct pit latrines and 6 families renovate their latrines through the CHE program in the community within the past 6 months. Because we serve a God who addresses both our spiritual and physical health, we care for the physical health of a community. Join us in praying that the WASH program in Ntulele would continue to educate residents and transform the health and sanitation of the community!