2013 annual report cover

Want to learn about the tremendous progress that God enabled for LIA last year? Here’s just a glance:

Last year:
  • LIA partnered with more than 120 churches
  • 47,000 people were served directly by those local church partners, not including       their families and the greater community that benefited
  • 1,791 people received business and skills training to empower them to provide       for their families
  • 464 received micro-loans
  • 715 people started their own businesses
  • In Djibouti, specifically, 16 women were providing for their families in a culture       that was previously unaccepting of women business owners
  • 19,191 people were served through integrated, church-led community               health programs
  • LIA helped implement orphaned and vulnerable children programs in seven countries, benefiting nearly 6,400 youth and their families
  • Nearly 4,000 youth received education services in varying ways
  • 10,000 were evangelized, 600 known to receive Christ and 200 new believers      were discipled

Read the full 2013 Annual Report now
to learn more, see some of the beautiful faces of those served and learn why some of our partners choose to walk alongside LIA.

This work would not be possible without your support. On behalf of all LIA, our local church partners, and the people they serve, thank you!