Konjo shoes

After more than a year in the making, Konjo sandals are here! We’re excited to provide beautiful shoes for you, while restoring hope for the beautiful people of Africa.

Initial quantities are limited, so don’t miss your chance to buy some now. They make great gifts for the holidays – an easy way to pass along the mission of LIA to the people in your life.

If you haven’t heard about LIA’s Konjo Shoe project yet, here’s the story:

Konjo is an Amharic (Ethiopia) word meaning “beauty.”

We believe that the most vulnerable people in the world deserve our best. That’s why Konjo was born.

The Konjo project is one of LIA’s economic development initiatives that, in conjunction with other programs, helps local churches break the cycles of poverty within their own community. The shoes are not the end product. Rather, our vision is that Konjo would serve as a catalyst toward economic independence and life in abundance for its participants.

The people involved in this project were previously unemployed or unskilled, and were identified by the local churches as some of the communities most vulnerable members. The new skills and knowledge they have obtained from their involvement in Konjo is allowing them to break free and provide for their families–giving them not only purpose, but also a better understanding of their own self worth. Learn more about the process here.

The sandals are handmade from recycled tire tread and local leather. They are highlighted by beautiful bead work and are accompanied with a burlap Konjo bag.

Although the shoes may not be perfect, they are beautiful just like the people who made them.  With your help, we are redefining beauty through the Konjo project.

We encourage you to read some of the stories of Konjo participants like Jane. Or head on over to the store and buy some today!