We are pleased to announce that Dr. Florence Muindi, founding president of LIA, will address the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VII in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 12-13, 2011.

Dr. Muindi will be discussing the role of the church in transformative approaches that address and prevent the orphan crisis. 
Today there are 48 million orphans in Africa – ten times the total population of Kentucky.

For over twenty years, Dr. Muindi has worked in communities throughout Africa where the orphan crisis rages.

LIA has piloted key approaches that have curtailed the number of orphans in multiple communities. 
“We have seen the orphans and widows within the community cared for and loved in a way that is sustainable,” Dr. Muindi writes. “We have seen the church rise up and stand against the injustices of poverty that effect the most vulnerable in a community. This is a powerful work that requires our utmost attention and sacrifice. It’s time.”

The Christian Alliance for Orphans connects more than eighty respected Christian organizations to work to ignite and equip Christians to care for orphans. More than 1,500 grassroots advocates for adoption and orphan care will gather at the 2011 Summit.

To learn more about the summit, visit www.christian-alliance-for-orphans.org