I’m writing to you after having just returned from a series of meetings among ministry leaders in Poland. The time was spent well and God was glorified without a doubt.

On the final day of our meetings, we took a trip to complete the time together. We went to the Nazi concentration camp in the south of Poland – Auschwitz. Here 1.5 million Jews from all over Europe were brought and killed in mid 1940’s. We saw the whole history and evidence. The camps, cells, starvation rooms, gas chambers, gas cans used, the firing squad execution court, the hanging gallows, all that and more. It was heavy. We saw thousands of shoes that were left behind, personal items like clothes, toothbrushes, suitcases, and tones of hair from the victims. It was an intense but a needed reminder.

I was left wondering how much more is happening in our days against humanity. Vulnerable people left to die hoping for someone to rescue them.

Upon returning to Nairobi, I heard the story of the late Rabbi Hugo Gryn, who was a young boy survived that Auschwitz.

Rabbi Gryn, wrote the following:
People sometimes ask me, “Where was God in Auschwitz?”
I believe that God was there Himself – violated and blasphemed. The real question is: “Where was man in Auschwitz?

Indeed: Where are we when so many suffer – in the many ways that the many continue to suffer?

Today, I pray that we will stand for the cause of the prisoners, the weak, and the oppressed in our times.

May we be a voice for the voiceless in the slums, in closed countries like Eritrea, among those living with AIDS.

Above all, may we be advocates for these in intersession before the Father.

Please join me in praying for the broken, the suffering, the vulnerable people in our midst today.

Thank you for giving your time, talent and treasure to join us in this worthy cause.