The rural vs urban divide is quite pronounced in Sudan. Health care for example, is developing much faster in the larger cities compared to many conflict-affected and disaster prone rural areas.  There are many factors hindering the increase in rural health care provision even though it seems since 2005 it has become more of a priority to the Sudanese government. The excess of many communicable diseases, food shortages caused many times by natural disasters, and a dependency on foreign relief are just a few barriers to an improved health-care system in rural cities like Rumbek.

In the midst of such despair however we are here to praise God for how he is working in one of our Sudanese partner communities, Rumbek.

The medical clinic in Rumbek, which opened early this year by a consortium of local staff and pastors, has continued to see an increased number of patients each week. Last week, a growth of over 40% patient turnout was experienced.  For this community to see regular health care services by an established clinic and trained physician is truly praise worthy. People suffering from illnesses, sickness, and significant wounds are able to receive treatment almost immediately, before the condition gets too serious and/or life threatening.

We ask that you join us in praying for sustained growth management at the Clinic in all aspects from drug supplies, staffing, to patient flow systems despite any barriers that will likely arise. We are also praying for continued development and establishment of health care services throughout other rural areas in Sudan.