A startling number of children roam the streets of Nazaret, Ethiopia, unattended.

Upon closer inspection these children are more than unattended, they are members of a street life community whose dwelling place is that of pitched tents that line the walls of city buildings. This sub-culture is currently estimated at approximately 6,000 children. In order to get by, many children join with others that have experienced the same crushed dreams. These children are thrown into a daily cycle that can be characterized by physical and sexual harassment, exploitation, drugs, and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness.

These children come into the city because their families leave rural communities to make a better life for themselves at the promise of a booming job market. Upon entering the city many find that their glorified image of urban life holds a grim reality.

Today, we ask you to join us in praying for the orphans and vulnerable children in Nazaret and our initiatives specifically targeting children in this community, which will soon commence.

Please pray that through our street children rehabilitation and preventative care the local church will be able to care for and empower children that have been separated from their family and cast aside by society. Pray also for the receptive hearts of the children who participate in our street children rehabilitation program, that they would be reminded of their worth in their transformational journey toward a God who thinks so highly of them.