On Monday, HOW Magazine, a publication dedicated to providing graphic-design professionals with the essentials in their field, took the time to showcase our very special friend, board member, and Principle of Rule29 Design, Justin Ahrens.

In this featured interview, Justin is asked a myriad of questions ranging from his source of inspiration to his ability to maintain balance in his professional and personal life.

We became excited when HOW extended their interview with Justin to discuss his involvement with LIA!

Justin stated, “One of our missions at Rule29 is to be involved in our community. Both locally and globally when possible. Through a crazy chain of events I felt like Africa was somewhere we should go, and before I knew it I was visiting the slums. When I met LIA I fell in love with their model. They work to change communities with a sustainable wholistic approach.

Justin has made a tremendous personal and professional investment in the work of LIA. He has seen and served in many of our the communities and was a key member of the “This Is My Home” documentary team in May of 2009. We are so grateful to Justin and the entire Rule29 team for their creativity, professionalism and overall heart for the mission and vision of LIA.

Justin and his crew will be heading back to Kenya shortly to begin work on another film, this time focusing on church-led micro-enterprise activities taking place in slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

To learn more, we encourage you to read Justin’s interview here.