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Empower Your Community | Boxes for Change

We have several opportunities available for you to empower your local community. Please contact us and we will help determine which ones will work best for you.

Boxes for Change

Boxes for Change is a children's curriculum designed to teach about the realities of poverty in an engaging and simple way. Help them understand what it means to "love your neighbor" and provide them with the opportunity to respond by praying and fundraising for their peers across the world.

The curriculum is composed of five lessons based on the Bible's story of the "Good Samaritan" to help youth understand God's heart for the vulnerable and how we, as believers, as called to respond. The lessons also provide a glimpse into what life is like for their children living in poor African communities, and encourages them to imagine how they might feel/act in similar circumstances.

Each child is given a coin box to be used for the “response” section of the curriculum. Children can collect change that will go directly to supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Africa through LIA initiatives including child feeding programs, AIDS education/treatment, school funding, micro-enterprise training, and much more.

Our prayer is that it will be useful in educating the next generation to be global Christians with a heart for the poor and a spirit of action.

**Ideal for children under 10 years of age.

Please contact us on how you can bring Boxes for Change to your church, school or home.