Here are some resources to help you learn more about LIA's development model and the areas where we serve.

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Giving Our Best To Our Donors

We are committed to giving our best to the vulnerable people and communities we serve. Furthermore, we are committed to giving our best to our donors, the ones who make this work possible. In order to do so, we strictly adhere to the following principles at every level of the organization.

Maintain Highest Standards

Life In Abundance (LIA) is committed to not only being compliant with the industry’s best practices for financial accountability, but is proactive and aims to help redefine the standards on transparency. LIA is recognized as a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator, is a member of accrediting associations such as ECFA and Guidestar, and is currently pursuing other memberships such as the BBB Wise Giving Alliance for charities and donors. Additionally, LIA voluntarily undergoes an annual external audit of financial statements and procedures. Previous year audit reports are published here.

Use Donations Well

Simply put, the money entrusted to LIA will be utilized as intended. Donations restricted for a specific purpose will be used for that purpose, and monies donated without restriction will be used where they are needed most.

LIA values each and every donation, not only for what it enables the ministry to do (input), but also for the outcomes that result from the donation being made. LIA monitors and evaluates all programs to learn from and apply lessons to future programs. This process adds value to new programs because it allows for greater impact and long-term transformation for the individuals and communities served. 

Appeal Without Exaggeration

Far too often, organizations will use appeals as a marketing means. LIA vows to never employ a “bait and switch” technique. There simply is no room or benefit to the Kingdom! All appeals made by LIA are done so in a manner that is truthful, fact based and dignifying to those we serve. We will never overstate our ability to deliver, nor will we exaggerate the conditions within which we serve.

Sensitive to the Complexities

Poverty is a complex series of problems that cannot be solved with simple solutions. We are extremely sensitive to that fact and are committed to never overly simplifying those complexities for the sake of proposing simple, attractive solutions. Instead, it is our goal to share educational insights and opportunities that will shape the mind and heart of those involved with the ministry of LIA.

Diversify Sources of Income

An organization of any kind must have a broad spectrum of income sources for long-term viability. LIA is committed to seeking donations and grants from a variety of sources, as to ensure continued financial health and to avoid dependency on any particular donor entity. Additionally, we are committed to inviting diverse partners who may influence our thinking and innovation as a ministry.