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Lift up you heads, you gates - 2015 Christmas Appeal

It all began with one couple, one community, over 400 orphan children and a desire to change the plight of the poor and vulnerable - a zeal to make an impact within the world we live…

After 3 years of hard work, Christmas Eve of 1999 brought me to my knees. At that time, we were beginning to feel overwhelmed by many responsibilities - overseeing a medical center, serving 4,000 in a leprosy community, planning a Christmas celebration for the children of the community and raising two young boys with Festus.

I remember it as if it were yesterday…the urgent matter of the day was a Christmas celebration for the children. I woke up very early that cold, misty morning and went bakery to bakery trying to find enough bread for the event the next day. On the way home from shopping, I came upon something in the middle of the road. A mother, who was lame from leprosy, slowly crossing the road with a baby on her back. As I sat there in the car, forced to watch her cross the street I began to notice my surroundings. Street children - seven, eight and ten years of age, digging through the trash pit for food as they shivered from the cold at 6am in the morning, only a block away from our missions’ house. My heart was broken. I fought back the idea to bring them all to our house to live with us…there were too many; it felt impossible to tackle alone.

I reflect today on that Christmas 17 years ago, and now I can fully see it was during that moment the Father began to write the story of Life in Abundance. Gifting the vision for a model, piece by piece that would make this moment not feel so impossible. A model that would equip local churches to unite, find their collective purpose in serving one-another and their communities.  Today, by the Father’s provision and grace, we are serving in 14 countries, 35 communities through 225 local churches - meeting needs of the most poor and vulnerable.

And to think, it all began with Christmas bread…

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